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NPC Farms

edited October 2014 in Suggestions
So I was kicking around the idea of having a few KDs made and coded to max explore and stay alive. Have tiers or them.

Can start a few weeks into the game. They will be challenge NPCs. defended properly and everything like that. Since targets are low.


  • you mean kingdoms DW can farm uncontestedly...
  • this idea might be improved if the farms arent inactive and build offense as well.

    so, FW kingdoms with 1:2 offense/defense ratio

    doesnt really max explore, but less, to make sure its defense and offense are suited to its size...
  • Right, I am saying just bring more to the game. The KD will be running off a script but not to the point as to ruin scores for others.

    Like 20 of them or so. maybe give them their own sector to rock out on.
  • I thought this said MPC Farms and I got excited cause I thought MPC was back.
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