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Kim Jong-Il Dead

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  • Newslinkplz
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    Should have never messed with the ShamWow guy.
  • I knew he was dead long ago, roughly around the time StarCraft II came out. Out of shame that it was too powerful a game to run on his Windows 98, Dear Leader decided to end his life because he couldn't play SC with the rest of his comrades.
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    It should be interesting to see if his son has any backbone. He didn't seem to have any interest in running the country leading up to this. His dad kept trotting him out during speeches but I don't think he has the heart to be a brutal dictator like his pappy. He's either going to show us he's rational or pony up to do something way over the top. Perhaps shelling Christmas lights from across the border. That always gets some attention and would let people know right away that you're a crazy bastard. Pops already left everything in place for him to do this. He must have known he was about to check out. I really doubt there is any room for this guy to not be crazy so if he doesn't shell any Christmas lights I expect China to have him exit stage left.
  • The thing about it is, Kim Jong Il was a lot of things, but he isn't dumb.

    His son right now does not have the skills or experience to run a country. The people in charge right now are the people who have always been in one way or another. Especially given the fact that Jong Il had a stroke a few years ago, these people are used to being in control of the government. I guess apparently his brother and law and sister are among his closest confidents.

    To me the real question will be how long it will take for the new leader to exert real sovereign power over the country and what way will he go about it? Unfortunately in situations like this often a leader cuts his teeth exerting power over his dominion by brutally putting down the inevitable tests to his resolve that will come from opponents in the coming months and years.
  • His death won't really mean anything. NK is not going to change just because the face changed. NK is one of those "ignore it, and it'll stop acting up" problem children, so hopefully this attention on them doesn't last long.
  • His death won't really mean anything. NK is not going to change just because the face changed. NK is one of those "ignore it, and it'll stop acting up" problem children, so hopefully this attention on them doesn't last long.
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    lol Aerkusa and I were joking about that article on facebook. Hilarious stuff there.
  • XelXel
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    I was just pretty randomly looking at vids on youtube out of boredom, and I came across the trailer for the game Homefront. I never saw it before, nor did I really know anything about the game.

    While watching, I didn't even know it was a trailer for a game, it just looked like a really well done conspiracy theory video. I mean it starts off with something that happened not too long ago, then goes into Kim Jong-Il's death (at this point I was thinking "Damn, they made such a video in the short amount of time since his death?"). Then it shows Kim Jong-Un, and I start to realize what's actually going on (he looks nothing like the real fat bastard). Still, it was pretty creepy watching that, and got me thinking:

    What if a legit seer, instead of coming out with his/her visions or whatever and getting ignored for being one of those crazies, decided to make a game, book, or movie based on his/her predictions, without telling anyone what it was based on. Millions of people would get his/her message, not think he/she's crazy (because they don't know it's an actual prediction, they'll think it's just fiction), and if things start going the way they were in the game/book/movie, they'd be prepared.

    I know it sounds stupid, but still... it has to make you wonder, even if just a bit.
  • All I know, is when the earthquakes and shit start, I'm flying a bi-prop to Yellowstone and then meeting up with some Russians and sneaking onto a giant ship/submarine thing after the backstabbing commie Russians leave me for dead in the arctic. It's good to have a game plan.
  • Ill fly to Tibet in my giant Antonov...and then we get on a secret large ark...
  • No need to worry we still have 350 more days or so until the end of the world and all.
  • now we can dAnce

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