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Auto - Recreate option

edited May 2013 in Suggestions
This should have been introduced years ago. Once you have been killed you have the option of returnng to the same spot . This may be put in prefs for example.

There was a back door way of doing this but it was far from reliable.

This would reduce the number of inacs, and let players return to the game quicker and have an increased number of players coming back once K'td.


  • I learned the recreate thing from fepo years ago.

    Its reliable, trust me.
  • Nah, it works, Just recreate immediately after you die with the same info you started your dead KD with, boom, back in the same sector, same spot. We used to do it all the time in SRC, the king of all who died :P
  • edited May 2013
    After you logon and die you hit back and sign back up. You want the same info as before such as kingdom name, login, and planet type. These variables seem to increase your odds but may not be necessary. If you do match it though it seems like it almost always works but I think the most important is hitting back or having a new tab open to recreate. You only get to screw it up once so I haven't done a lot of testing I stick with what I know worked before.
  • Have a new tab open, I remember having a new window open to do this, it was before tabs were around :P... Internet tabs, not pills you trashy pillheads! :)
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