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F&W Pointers

edited November 2011 in Game Talk
Alright so I chose this PT for the round.

Are there any tips, pointers, or strategies in general that you might share with me?

:) Thanks.


  • gain land and networths
  • 100% tc's?
  • Alright thanks~
  • Pop bonus is nerfed for fw and everyone has a pop bonus. I wouldn't do it.

    But fw you should focus on pop and money in that order. You can pump out crazy amounts of ld/goons earlymid game and have a huge advantage. And it's a great turtle kd
  • Anyone have a general breakdown of what my buildings should look like?

    Will resses make more than SMs this round?
  • edited November 2011
    The power PT of this round is going to be Dessert Wasteland. You can expect the usual pro DW players to be extremely overpowering this round because they've always been limited by soldier growth during the day 5-7 stage when they become their most dangerous.

    The other reason DW will be empowered is because the players that play lower land, higher offense will be able to hold a sufficient defense while large land, low offense players will need to really watch their backs because as usual they're a juicy target.

    Getting players powerless should be easier this round as well, due to increased populations.
  • IMO, FW is one of the worst PTs this round. The penalty to attack time doesn't justify the 5% pop bonus at all.
  • in all honesty jimbo your dw was poor, the reason you never had a problem with sols is coz you went mobi at 1k land. The only good DW on the server last round was jonesnoobs one. Going mobi at 1k land only results in one thing. a stupid anti turtle DW with next to no defense. If you wanna make a good DW then you have to have to be patient
  • If you wanna make a good DW then you have to have to be patient.
    True story, unfortunately this game is far too boring.

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