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Suggestion for Research Military Bonus.

edited September 2012 in Suggestions
Military Bonus gives 30% extra military power..?

You get Scientists from military..?

Why doesn't military bonus increase the research points per scientist too? I know this would give Terra 1.95 per scientists.. but just drop their bonus from 50% to 30% which would make it 1.69 instead.

I know I'm going to get flamed for this, just wanted to post to get peoples thoughts.


  • No......thats called Training Camps....
  • Training Camps reduce the military training costs by up to 10%
  • sorry 30%

    I am saying each scientist gives 1 point + Military bonus.. so each Scientist gives up to 1.3 research point per hour.
  • i can see your point actually. if it gives a bonus to all your other mili then why not scies too is what you mean? they are still mili at the end of the day
  • scis arent mili, you dont go...ere, we've run out of troopers so lets send some scis to attack.
  • Scis are mili, they work for the army so they are military scientists
  • amazing idea

  • I am appalled

    military bonus is military

    scientists are 0/0 and have no physical means in a battle, only science

    you guys are idiots
  • edited September 2012
    scies are still military. just because they arent on the battlefield doesnt mean they arent military. If your all out of resources then you tell your scies they are going on the front line as sols.

    makes sense to me
  • I like it. If you go ajar, your scientists could defend your land, they were soldiers once after all.
  • exactly, they were military soldiers before they were scies. This will never happen but i can see why it should.
  • yeah we can also see how much you can see, its pretty hard when you have a blindfold on
  • i can see me 2wling you with utter ease.....again
  • If only there was a sector enhancement you could buy that gave an additional 10% research efficiency.
  • Scis are Military, where do you go to train them? Military page.
  • I made a similar suggestion way back in the day about being able to send scis with military when attacking for research point gains and such. In the end, everyone just said "leave my scis alone" and that was that.
  • Trolling aside, scientists would be trainef straight from resi. As it stands, they are soldiers first therefore they are military units.

  • If only there was a sector enhancement you could buy that gave an additional 10% research efficiency.
  • they arent military units, they are freaking scientists

    think about it, if you were trained to do push ups run around and jumping jacks, put a gun in your hand and you become a soldier (or a tomahawk, I dont care what kind of weapon), then to train to become a scientist, you need to learn how to do research and experiments to learn how to achieve scientific results, where in this do you have to use a damn gun and or a tomahawk to learn these things? do you smash your beakers with throwing weapons? do you shoot at a keyboard with an automatic shot gun to get results? Do you do jumping jacks and push ups to talk to other scientists as a code language? NO thats just fucking stupid and only military units do that, just take a look at lynog and how he communicates, its fucking retarded, and especially everyone else who thinks scientists are military units

    stop being fucking ajar guys
  • they are military scientists, end of
  • by that logic why cant laser dragoons attack like dragoons? they are military right? military units can do anything so laser dragoons should attack, also tactical fighters shouldnt take up ASBs but rax because they are military units, tanks should only take up 1 spot in a barracks because they are military units,
  • no but lds get a boost from the 30% military bonus dont they? who is talking about attacking here?

    your logic makes no sense, who is even talking about rax space and bays here. Its as simple as Scies are part of your military and could have the bonus the rest of your mili does. Stop rambling out your ass trying to deflect that simple debate.
  • Im using the same logic as your retarded argument, if you think my argument is stupid, then you better check yourself
  • the logic you explained im using is a load of bollocks. Its simple. Scies are military, how does that transfer to using lds as goons, tacs not using bays and tanks using 1 spot in barracks?

    Please stop talking out of your ass
  • they are military units, every other military unit can attack, so why cant lts/ lds? every other unit takes up a space in a barracks, why not tfs? every unit takes up 1 space, why not tanks? Its all about conformity and you take the notion that scientists are military units which they arent.
  • edited September 2012
    every other unit cant attack. troopers/goons/fighter/tfs attack. lds/lts defend and tanks. defend/attack.

    the ONLY thing EVERY other unit does is get a bonus from Mili Research, besides scies. your logic is flawed and makes no sense. This is never going to happen regardless im just saying i can see why i maybe could/should.
  • Because balancing issues.
  • 0 * 1.3 = 0

  • well for all those that saw the movie "the rock" biochemist stanley goodspeed said this

    "All right, I'll do it myself. I've had three weeks weapons training, I'll kick the... out of a platoon full of marines. No problem."

    Scientists start as soliders...become pussies and can't really do shit...and then ultimately become soliders again when you are a KT...
  • XelXel
    edited September 2012
    Why doesn't military bonus increase the research points per scientist too?
    Just quoting this cause some of you guys seem to have the wrong idea here.
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