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  • Panda, if you try to kill, please kill... wtf is this? December 13, 11:21:35 Our kingdom Gross Empire (1:7) was hit by a missile strike from Mercure (1:4). The total damage done was 14 planets and 800 population. December 13, 11:21:35 Our kingdo…
  • So what guys? I am the only player who has never made an additional account nor i will. Cheating sucks. Would love to see a round bonus - multi free round, where Bfart would really control the situation with multis. Now, that would be a nice round.
  • Doing drugs and dying young is not a talent...
  • have u seen todays AL's they're like kt too big, give up, picks up tiny kt, etc. Are we talking about panda-rob or ALs of weak alliances ?
  • he prob can't kill everyone cuz he sux at using his multis so he's picking on weak ppl Logics behind that????
  • Intelligence is such a relative term... How can you state, that your intelligence is superior to that of jab's ? The fact, that you even compare your intelligence to another person without any proof, makes you actually ignorant and small person who…
  • I will play next round! I sure will!
  • What happened to Panda? His own medicine?
  • Yup, just like the northern Hemisphere is only north because it was discovered first by us. We could REALLY be the Southern Hemisphere, but space has no up or down. Mic drop Interesting argument... North, South, East, West are modern versions of …
  • Oh well, got killed again... Dear Panda! I dont like you, anymore!
  • Satan is actually good!
  • Actually guys, your Thesis' might have even have truth to them. Some serious Mother issues are reflected on the game....
  • Atleast i got to make a picture two days ago, since i was having a bad feeling about going to sleep... I bet noob panda was jealous of someone having all 3 top 1 places without cheating of any kind ! News are here:…
  • i mean... i have never cheated and somehow almost every round i play i end up in top 5 before i get killed why cheat? rob-o-bot has probably some mother issues, or was raped as a younger child by some black muslims over and over again. Otherwise i d…