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Fall Photos

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    I hate my GFs dog. When that dog dies or meets a tragic, completely accidental death, my GF would be perfect.

    BTW Anyone in the market for a hideous chupacabra?
  • I am flirting with the idea of not feeding them for few days in the hopes that Doomsday eats that creepy midget fuck.
  • Just take it for a drive...

    "Honey, I am so sorry. He just jumped out of the truck I swear!"

    Don't forget the burlap sack.
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    Its jumped out the back of my truck before, saldy at a lower speed. Obviously survived. Its a perfect cover story if were to happen again
  • Meh, My grandpa used to just drop it out of the truck at a high rate of speed... or drop it off at the church :P That smaller dog looks like a Rat!
  • I'm gonna stick with chupacabra on this one. Damn, now I wanna post my dog. How do you guys do this magic with the pictures and appearing on stuff?
  • lol one of my exs had a chihuahua and a pitbul. One day just before she came home I put peanut butter on the chihuahua and the pitbul was just licking away. Unfortunately the ex didnt find it so funny.
  • LMAO that's gold. Ghosted, you know what to do.

    Disclaimer: We here on the SKPFs are not responsible for any other creative ideas you may come up with concerning dogs and peanut butter. That is all.
  • She flys back in from denver tomorrow, that would be a funny sight. I will make sure they go for the peanut butter idea tonight...
  • Ghosted and his bitches......

    B-) ahhhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh
  • Don't be a dick to animals... you love your four legged kid let her have hers...
  • Here is some fall pics. Horse rides, leaf piles, and making our own cider.
  • A picture of my cat~
  • A picture of my cat~
  • nothing posted :O
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    Aw lawddd why does it keep postingggg~~There are three separate post windows on one page~

    I just want to post a picture of my cat and the bowl I painted for himmmm, oh and one of my newly decorated apartment
  • Your cat has a tie. He's basically a person.
  • I must be honest, your room scares me.
  • I must be honest, your room scares me.

    lol, i semi agree with dole, but i will say thats a bad ass pimp cat
  • That's a bad ass room, but my kids would tear that shit from those walls in a heart beat. You're a lucky man, I've always wanted pink dinosaurs hanging from my bed >:(
  • It's a unicorn, the balloonicorn from TF2 yo~

    My cat likes to use the canopy as his own personal jungle gym #thuglyfe lolol
  • Brets not a bro Rohan.
  • Brets not a bro Rohan.
    Isn't this like the 3rd time Brets has been called a bro? XD
  • All by Rohan.
  • Brets is kinda a dudes name....
  • Rohan has never been known as a quick study
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