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Where are they now?



  • edited October 2012
    Oh I knew long ago man(I play 1 in every 5 rounds for fcks sake)just reminding you nerds there's a life outside of SK.

    And no Dank I asked you to "own" the server for once or stfu for good. You don't archive alliances, you don't archive kds, and you don't even cheat well enough for anyone to notice you.

    Simply walk wat you talk for once.
  • Lynog, Hotgates, Skyfaggot, and Dank.

    What a fucking trollfest.
    Stfu, slut.
  • LOL fight the bots and own the server. You fucks are a lost cause.
  • What it was fun when Kesha let all 500 ips get utilized and everyone knows he did it.. Wish the same could be said about you lol
  • edited October 2012
    Uh ok. Suck less bot dick.
  • you guys are like killing every single thread in the PFs.. cheers ;P
  • edited October 2012
    Eternias Revenge - Known for spamming the everything. Now is randomly spamming occasionally.
  • Eternias Revenge - Known for sucking a majority of the time and spamming the everything. Now is randomly spamming occasionally.
    not to mention terrible sentence structures
  • Thanks Talnoy, I make it a point just for you since I know how much of a little bizitch you are.
  • ah admit it you missed me dole lol
  • Obviously, even though you are annoying. You're my annoying friend.
  • Dank I killed you on s2 twice, I got witnesses and on s1 atleast a few times which I also have witnesses lynog was there when I posted to ur multis to name s1 witness and u got mad Tigermonkey inner allianced ur bosh ass and cried so I open hand slapped u on s2 which I'm sure ER remembers well.. It's not what you do homie, it's who saw you do it B-)

    And I haven't seen you or FC do sh!t since Ice and EoD played so...
    Dank I have to back HG on this one, after a war on s2 I jokingly failed on Silverion using 1 soldier. You started waaahing and saying I couldn't roll you so when my WLs came back I smashed you. You started waaahing about me intra-alliance bashing you and HG proceeded to kill you. Best part was that week I had just started an alliance on s1 due to the fail ALs of that round and your sector joined my alliance and you tried to sabo/arson me because I got you killed by HG on s2. So you died on s1 as well from me, I thoroughly enjoyed all the lols that situation brought about.
  • I pop bubbles
  • I got tired of the rampant cheating and went to Astro Empires where there is rampant cheating.

    I still have Neal and Fepo on my Facebook page and reminisce abou the good old days. :)
  • hi yip yip yip! sup

    neal wouldn't accept my facebook request :(
  • this thread is probably the only forum post I ever made worth saving
  • Cya- Got married, had kids, now going through a divorce, has custody of children, has a good job, decent life, hasnt stepped foot in a homeless shelter in 8 yrs. just decided to come back to this game because he is a loser
    so, she's single now? link her facebook to me plz
  • edited November 2013
    why cant i delete my damn posts?
  • edited November 2013
    I'm just laughing so hard right now..
  • I miss you guys :)

    Brets-Living in California while getting a Doctorate. Wants a Bull Terrier. Hopes you all are well :)
  • ooooo a Brets sighting.
  • Time to capture him with my Ultra Poke Balls!
  • :: Cough...her...cough.::
  • Yip, been a long time!

    Dank- SHHHH
  • Brett is a lady. Speaking of ladies, what happened to cindly?
  • Who is nimrook?
  • Who is nimrook?
    Some dude.
  • edited November 2013
    Yip, been a long time!

    Dank- SHHHH
    Who is nimrook?
  • Who is nimrook?
    Been playing for approximately 11 years or so. Was most active about 4-5 years ago over the last few years I play on and off usually my work and family takes precedent over SK.
  • Yeah, used to you could put Rook as VAL and make him do all the work. :p
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