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Revelation Protecting the Cheaters

edited September 2011 in Game Talk
Marvel felt it necessary to expose the hypocrisy of this alliance. You can see below that this Revelation player has clearly farmed. There is nothing else to call it. In addition you can see a player he is NAP with admitting this to be farming. Yet Revelation can not see through this and desires to declare. We would like to ask the rest of the universe for assistance. Our KT on undead will go forward and everyone is invited to join. Nobody should stand in the way on farming. If you desire to join into this fight please speak with your alliance and ask them to join in a gang bang on Revelation officers if they will not enforce the universal rules this round. If we must carry this burden on our shoulders alone and unaided we will do so, but would greatly appreciate assistance. It is our desire to sweep the entire server of the farmers. One after the other. Perhaps it is in your power to mark Undeadk1ngdom a KT, and if that is the case we request that you join us in doing so after reading this. Thank you.

It has also come to our attention that Kesha's bot is active this round but we have yet to confirm any accounts in the game. Please keep an eye out for this and we expect to see them appear if Revelation declares since they are so adamant to protect cheaters and declare war out of noob. Very unusual and highly suspect behavior.

September 14, 22:38:11 Our brave kingdom pay back time (1:1) attacked Soul Siphon (1:3) and failed.
September 14, 22:39:32 Our brave kingdom Undeadk1ngdom (1:1) attacked pay back time (1:1) and conquered 61 planets.
September 14, 22:39:39 Our kingdom pay back time (1:1) has entered trouble mode. Aid will be accepted for 12 hours
September 14, 22:39:39 Our brave kingdom Undeadk1ngdom (1:1) attacked pay back time (1:1) and conquered 49 planets.
September 14, 22:39:59 Our brave kingdom Undeadk1ngdom (1:1) attacked pay back time (1:1) and conquered 40 planets.

HxD (1:10)

Posted on September 15, 01:34:03

They are RL friends.... I have a NAP with them both and played with them both last round, cant see how they can deny this as farming... :/

Pie (1:7)
Sector Leader

Subject: (Blank).

Sent on September 15, 05:58:03

so, tel that marvel WG to pm you the PROOF unless they have matching ips then they better not kt them!!!

From my AL..

Also w/o proof if you insist on kt a "sh!tstorm" will be coming your way.. (paraphrased the last part, quoted the most important)


  • Rommel (1:10) Delete Subject: Re: (Blank). Sent on September 15, 09:21:50 That is fine please relay to your boss that we will kt you next.

    And all I have done is say talk to my AL.. I havent farmed, nor cheated.. Yet because I say wait.. You kt me next? Perfect.. Dank, your hypocrasy extends way beyond normal means
  • And.. Im no officer.. Just a guy with a kd
  • edited September 2011
    You chose to threaten us 5 minutes after the game started with war. If you want to respond to us with threats and declare war to protect cheaters you'll find yourself a KT. Nobody is KTing your kingdom we are only hitting the farmer. I find it hilarious that your guys keep asking me to take down that KT. The guy doesn't deserve to have it removed. He broke the rule that results in death. You guys love to enforce rules on others but when held to the same standards you cry like children. Threats will gain no ground with Marvel. Had you treated us with respect at round start this would not have made a difference. We are going to kill farmers this round. Not farmers that you authorize but kingdoms that we know are farming. Nobody should have to ask for permission to do so in cases such as this. You and your friends should be embarassed to be sticking up for him. If you decide to change your direction on this we will be happy to work with you going forward.

    N1MrOoK (1:19)
    Sector Leader

    Subject: (Blank).

    Sent on September 15, 11:27:06

    please stop kt on undead for now thankyou!
  • No.. I said lets NOT start a war you idiot.. Read, I said NO WAR.. But will if pushed.. You are as stupid as a rock.. Sorry, didnt mean to insult rocks. But honestly, you will read whatever you want to because well.. You are a cheat and you want to justify yourself in any way you can. Because it came from me, you say I called for war when I said if things continued it would end up there
  • edited September 2011
    You want to call me a cheat but unlike your buddy posted above you have nothing. The fact is that if people kill cheaters I don't have a reason to cheat. In this WG position I am content. I cheat when people get away with stupid crap and talk smack. It is a revenge tactic. If you guys would not stand in the way on KT's such as this there would never be a problem. Regardless of that I'm clean as a whistle this round. I'm only an officer for my buddy Fallen Disciple's alliance. I am acting in the capacity that he has granted me and within the boundaries that he has set. This alliance has every right to KT farmers and the sooner you are willing to accept this the sooner we can look past what happened last round. Which by the way I was an AL last round as well and no cheater accusations were leveled against me at that time.

    You have nothing to fear regarding your kingdom unless your alliance declares to protect this guy. I don't want to KT you, it is early in the round, and we just want to have some fun KTing farmers. Marvel can have plenty of fun KTing rule breakers without gang banging anybody or causing any problems to other alliances whatsoever. I know this is a new concept to some of you.
  • KT me.. Honestly idc, this is a.. Text.. Based.. Game. I said talk to my AL. You brought it here, because well, you must justify yourself somehow. Btw, how is that KT going? I didnt think it was right, but at the time I was a guy with a kd and nothing more. Thats why I said get approval from my AL. Bad relations arent good this early because mistake 4th will happen and since gang bang is against the "rules"..
  • edited September 2011
    This thread was brought here because we are a 5 sector alliance. You initially challenged us at round start to gang bang us, stating you had many allies. It would be a waste of potential resources to overlook the public forums in such a situation. I don't take threats lightly. We chose to KT a farmer in your alliance first because of that message. It's not that we want a war but I think that Marvel deserves a little respect and you shouldn't be talking down to them. Your guy is a legit KT, this is a result of your message, but we are only playing within the rules. As I've stated you're welcome to post and KT any blatant farming you see by us. We honestly would like to focus on KTing cheaters, and have zero interest in a fight with you guys. However, we also think that there should be mutual respect between our alliances when we partake in diplomacy.
  • edited September 2011
    You want to call me a cheat but unlike your buddy posted above you have nothing. The fact is that if people kill cheaters I don't have a reason to cheat.
    So the 20 or so FC multis we found..Who owns them?Also if any are used during Marvel "KTs" Your alliance will be decimated...Fair warning.

    Now onto Undead and your premature KT...Its a bit early no?Only person who would push a KT this early would be someone with multis...Hmmmm

    If undead farms another suicider he will be dealt with sooner then later,Till then im fine letting Jim smack him around personaly lmao
  • edited September 2011
    I don't know what makes them FC multis. Are they all flying FC flags or something? Gee, that's never been done before. FC is a couple of players. It's not a large UA. There is no multi army. If there was I'm sure he would have had some breaks and not just a couple of arsons. It's early in the game. This is about more than just KTing him it's about you guys not having someone like Pie threaten us with war. He likes to act like he is an officer, then he isn't, then he is. Him and all his buddies do this circus act.
  • I don't know what makes them FC multis. Are they all flying FC flags or something?
    Yes,Last I checked most were tagging FC lol..And I'm not standing up for revelation just letting you know my personal position on the matter.Im sure TB will back me on it tho B-)

    And Pie has some pull but taking any threats srsly this early is just silly Dank..Thnx all for the laughs tho!
  • Let's not twist things. Everyone in Marvel knows about Pie's message it was hilarious. Like I said we wanted to push the issue and get some respect. This is our KT it is not coming down. He is a cheater. We will kill other cheaters when we have concrete proof such as this.
  • Shut up dank.. I never threatened war you freak! I said if crap continued thats where it would go and neither side wants that.. Omg, my 5 year old listens better than you.. Sh!t my fuking cat listens better.. try this again


    Im done here, just make sure your guys dont fuk up ever
  • edited September 2011
    Pie I hope you have a good round I really do. I'm not messing with your kingdom but a farmer.
  • Nope, read what I said.. But yes it would be a war you wouldnt win. My point was war at this point is dank.. Err stupid
  • I'm not threatening to declare war on anybody.
  • This stuff is endless it never flips pages?
  • Just accuse me of it
  • 50 posts a page. I hope we have more QQ soon in many more threads.
  • edited September 2011
    Cmon man to message an alliance talking about war and gang bangs in the first few minutes of the game and demanding attacks to cease was a tad much. We found an interesting way to screw with you for it, but it really does not effect your kingdom. I have let plenty of friends and allies die for farming in the past. If someone is caught and it's obvious I do not argue it. Pretty sure undead has never done anything to me KTing him is not personal just business. The funniest part is he hasn't even come here to stick up for himself.
  • Undeadkingdom cheats every round. He is LT it is in his blood. Besides back when Kesha had the bots running he sided with him and used the bots for farming.
  • I think that if you guys want to have some type of integrity you should reverse your position on KTing farmers. There is no reason you should be sticking up for someone that won't even do it for themselves.
  • Im not.. Im correcting you on what you are accusing me of and reiterating my point to talk to my AL.. Plus giving you time to blow up you gf before bed
  • edited September 2011
    Your AL can come read this thread, the message that I asked you to forward with the proof, etc. Instead I get all of you defending the cheater and asking that the KT be removed. What AL where is he at?
  • I forwarded.. He responded yet Im still talking to you, dammit I need to shoot myself.. Im becoming..

    You :-O
  • edited September 2011
    Well this is all staged specifically to screw with you as a result of that initial message. We even had an alliance plan thread where we drew this all up.
  • haha. I know when ever I needed to talk to an alliance about KTing one of their KDs the first thing I did was message some new KD in the alliance (such as Pie), rather than go to the AL/VAL. And if that upcoming officer didn't know the answer then I went directly to the PFs and b!tched about it.
    I like your style bro. I woulda done the same too.

  • That's why I always liked Civic.
  • edited September 2011
    The AL did not send us the stupid msg. Pie did. The AL can read he was given our msg and replied through Pie. He did not like it and wants to protect the cheater. Talking about show me matching IPvSK. That my friends is irrelevant he is a farmer. Nobody is calling him a multi.
  • I love you dank, but its more of a "Id love to beat you in the back of the head with a hammer while I anal rape your corpse" type of love.

    But all crap talk aside, I see your point.. I hope you see mine. Continue your KT and pray to pie none of your kds step out of line for a second or they will join Undead in the remake line.

    We both talk crap, but in the end its only cause we belueve in what we are saying and if we ever wind up on the same side.. I will kill you, or myself.. Because I can only argue so much..

    And to prove my point I will make the following statement:

    The sky is blue
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