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Newbie mode strat

edited November 2011 in Game Talk
Hey there's a strat for newbie mode where you do the first 50% in growth (if im not mistaken), then convert en do the other half in mob.

Could someone please pm me this strat? Did it last round, it kicked ass and I wanna do it again.


  • I don't think there's a whole lot of people who know much about it. ;)
  • You do, so pm me :P
  • edited November 2011
    I've done like the first one Alex shows for a long time but both produce good starts.

    Edit: But not for me, my KDs always suck.
  • Yea im talking about the first one. Did it last round for the first time and it was killer. You come out of newbie mode so much better (if you do it right) than kingdoms using the 'normal' strat.
  • I don't think what Alex is referring to is the same strat, we did growth from 72-48 h, then mobi to 5 h left. The KD build they did was probably a lot different too. As for scis, I had over 100 of them 12h in. Both money and pop bonuses maxed at 48h.

    Blitz, I'll hit you up on aim tonight if I have time, busy day at work today.
  • Cool man, wanna group en go solo in gal2? :D
  • Maybe, still undecided on if I'll play or not.
  • I just cant stop playing, no matter how busy I am pleasuring myself.
  • Took a while but there it is.. At least i got my answer, now you all can throw insults at eachother.
  • Yeah i used it once for DW, converted after i had 3.5k soldiers ready with about 17 ticks left i remember, very late mobi convert.
  • I've seen him run it, it's incredibly interesting and solid if you can convince the sector to let you do it. I've wanted to for a few rounds now but never get the chance.

    Is that the real Persona?
  • dont follow any strat of modgys he is raw dogshit
  • Best win start. Vacation mode
  • An extra 10k NW out of newbie mode won't save you when the DW folk start looking for kills.
  • Don't forget to buy warp gate when you switch to mobi at 29.
  • It depends on how you play it for either strat, either can work. ofc I do prefer 72-36, 36-5 because you end up with more soldiers at the end of newbie mode, and come out with the same amount of income, though I suppose you could get more income if you ran like 128 SMs and went for money research first. But most good KDs aren't running SMs like that now are they.
  • Growth early with this extra pop we get I feel is more beneficial

    get pop up quicker, and lil extra income, rather than the couple ticks early u'd get a few sci, just build sci before when u can switch to mobi and back all you want
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    Re: Newbie Mode State Changes

    Postby Persona on Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:40 pm

    72-61 Mobilization
    61-25 Growth
    25-0 Mobilization
    0-X Growth/Offensive

    This strategy is better. Have excess soldiers, make 3 inactive hits, train, go Growth, use the 4th WL for inactive hit, max explore and go on your merry way with a huge production advantage over every other KD.

    5PA's = 200k-300k MAX

    Having 1k Tanks in production with 12h training times right after newb = Priceless.

    Edit: For everything else, there's MasterCard.
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    My newb mode:

    I buy 60 sci before game begins in newb mode (I leave about 16 unbuilt residences and 16 star mines, or 32 residences)

    I DO NOT use mob state early because pop growth is SLOW in early income SUFFERS.

    10 sci + fast 60 sci is enough for non Oceanic kd with maximum exploration during newb mode
  • lets me just end this thread please.

    explore 24land

    raize 14pps

    build all sms in multiples of 16.

    take 15 land reward make more sms

    start in mobi make 150 scies and sols.

    first 16 land rax second 16 res.

    switch back to growth around hour 61 for max explore.

    max sols and save land for tcs.

    stop maxing sols around hour 41 although i stop at hour 39 (9 hours before mobi switch)

    at hour 36ish raize all sms and rebuild 160 pfs.

    use max explore start all the way through this btw. i forget the times but im sure someone will post them.

    29-30 switch to mobi. max only sols

    hour 28 you wanna make 30+ tcs.

    at hour 12 make mili

    hour 5 switch back to growth

    you should come out with 3k plus probes, 160 pfs. 800 or so tanks D and a but if offense to hit inacs with.

    this is the simplest and easiest start to SK and the only strat worth playing (high probes)

    anyone who says otherwise doesnt know what they are talking about and is a noob.


  • Since when is 3k probes out of nub 'high probes'?
  • since you have 160 pfs not 96 and you also have 800 tanks D instead of 400 noob. dont even comment on any of my comments you are a pile of shit player who knows nothing and im the great lynog
  • edited November 2011
    Lynog has it spot on. After a few ticks your probes will surpass any other regular 96 PF "high probe" starts. Just make sure you have about 1 million platinum saved up before you convert though.
  • If by a few ticks you mean over 24 hours, then yes (assuming neither KD builds more PF).

    I'm not saying the strat is bad or anything, I only pointed out that I don't think 3k probes is high.
  • Great strat unless you are not active enough to rob often (although if not active and high sm's you run the risk of being someones bank) or unless you are not good at finding banks.
  • robbing once every ten hours in growth does aquire you to be super active, if you cant be on that often then you should be playing s2
  • yeah, because it's really easy to find 10 good robs all at once amirite?
  • Just check your list of multis. Easy-peazy.
  • you raze your land AFTER you get land reward, you get 3 more monies per land you fscking noob
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