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Myrmidons v Demigod and MystiGods

edited September 2011 in Game Talk
1 [Myrmidons] 26,168,023 13,084,011
2 [Demigod] 17,779,313 17,779,313
4 [MystiGods] 4,692,856 4,692,856

This is a little after some damage has been done


  • Sorry about the multiples. There was an error occuring and I didn't think they posted. Crash can you delete the rest?
  • S2, who cares? ;)
  • So many people care that I had to post it four time :P

    Oh and you're one to talk Mr. "Reason the war started"
  • Haha, it got less boring didn't it ;)
  • ZOMG AM I A KT ON ALL SERVERS AGAIN?!?!?! Im so suprised :P
  • Seems like s2 is getting more action this round than s1. That's actually quite funny! =]
  • The ugly sister who puts out.. Usually does
  • Please post things in the appropriate forum.

  • Is there a way to make it go straight to Game Talk when you click Public Forums?
  • No, but there are so few active threads that shouldn't be a big problem, should it?
  • HG are you a kt in this war? I thought you just got hit but idk
  • I havent looked in a couple hrs..probly tho had like 15 news last i checked.
  • Knowing HG...i wouldn't be day he might find his own probes up his ass and the missiles deflected back to himself. And perhaps a political coup in HG's capital city TriHGoli...and his tanks taking a 180 degree route back to the Johnoffi compound...
  • Lews is a funny guy!
  • rico who are you on s2? pm me dude lol
  • Demigod kill

    Tugga (X:7,Y:9) Desert Wasteland 8,027 2,348,926 3,069
  • best of luck friends
  • No your not a KT HG... Your pretty much irrelevant in this war
    Isn't he always lux? hehe and where are you dude, didnt know you played s2.
  • I seriously have no idea who the 1:3 people actually are. Lux is one of them?
  • well that leaves pluto
  • haha well that narrows it down to 5
  • well out of the five only 2 could be him and I doubt Lux is flagging xLTx lol
  • edited October 2011
    Oi! irrelevant? We rolled tugga like 6 in times 12 hrs u twats...At one point I was rolling him every Hr FFS.

    September 29, 11:12:26 Our brave kingdom Mysticide (2:4) attacked Tugga (1:3) and conquered 553 planets.
    September 29, 16:35:04 Our brave kingdom Mysticide (2:4) attacked Tugga (1:3) and conquered 119 planets.
    September 29, 17:00:44 Our brave kingdom MystiKIll (2:4) attacked Tugga (1:3) and conquered 105 planets.
    September 29, 17:02:22 Our brave kingdom Mysticide (2:4) attacked Tugga (1:3) and conquered 92 planets.
    September 29, 20:15:10 Our brave kingdom Mysticide (2:4) attacked Tugga (1:3) and conquered 63 planets.
    September 29, 21:12:48 Our brave kingdom MystiKIll (2:4) attacked Tugga (1:3) and conquered 43 planets.

    And Myrmidons Peace'd me lmao...
  • Reactor V
    that's me
  • Mystigods is seriously our ultimate cleanup crew. Those return times have been great help.
  • lucky for you guys...dont wake the dragon
  • I finally cured 2 weeks of plagues and viruses...Killed the fcker who sent em too.
  • Desutro (x:x)

    Kingdom Information
    Planet Type: Volcanic Inferno
    Networth: 1,342,102 (24)
    Land: 5,557 (18)
    Honor: 2,520 (5)
    Networth/Land Ratio: 241.52 (50)
    Online (Last 10 minutes): No
    Contact Information
    E-Mail Address: None
    ICQ Number: None
    MSN Address: None
    Yahoo Pager: Not involved in this War, just grabbing grabbing idiots who suicide on my sectormates
    AIM Address:

    This is Lux on s2 AL of Myrmidons... Pretty sad stuff
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