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  • Theres no effort for me to keep a cool head Rmag, in all of my decisions I found the balance between extremes..

    I used to be fat and gave no shit about fitness, led a sedentary life and ate candy without thought, then I took it to an extreme and worked out 7 days a week and 3 hours a day for months. Both were wrong until I found the balance. Now I lift heavy but safely, 4-6 days a week in a regular schedule and focus my energy on optimizing my nutrition for tomorrows workout

    I rebelled against religion as a youth, thinking myself one of the secretly enlightened because I could see through the obvious lies, but religion has its purpose in our society to guide those who require the feeling of a higher power behind them.

    Maturity is balance. You dont have to be a doormat or an asshole, just set boundaries you are comfortable with in whatever situation you're in. Your optimal balance is different than your neighbors, maybe the excesssive lifting keeps him from doing heroin, who fucking knows. You're responsible for you.

    However, if someone tries to interject their philosophy into my life without an invitation, as an alpha I am obligated to put their face in the dirt until they understand that is not their place. I lead people who submit to me voluntarily, and I in turn am led by people I believe are worthy of leading me.

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    We can agree to disagree, none of you have disproven his existence which I was asking for the entire time. Christianity isnt a bandaid you use to better yourself.

    Lifting heavy is great, I am on a 4 day schedule. My photo is a bit old now, maybe 6 months old? I am about 15 pounds heavier now. I came from the opposite side of the spectrum of being underweight. Great feeling moving up weight on your lifts. My biggest issue is working on nutrition, tough working full time and school full time to maintain correct macros and calorie surplus. It's an excuse, but it is hard, though I am working on it.

    My friend is 6'1 150 pounds, he just cares about nigger music/culture like the rest of my generation. All he cares about is smoking bud. I smoke aswell, not nearly as much as before, but not to the excess and obsessive way he does. He doesn' put any effort in school, actually dropped out of uni last year but is now at comm. college with me. I tell him that we work hard this year and transfer to the uni, where all our friends currently are.

    I disagree with taking a passive approach of improving those around you. I have purposely changed my courses so that I have two classes with him so I can keep an eye on his completion of his work. I can tell he isn't happy, but this is all he knows at this point. My other friends do the same things, but are more together than he is. So he feels it is normal. So I have taken kt upon myself to help him. I tell him of Christianity, he isn't well read so its difficult for him to grasp. Mostly I just show him that those who he idolizes seek only worldly pleasures.

    However, lifting I knew would be a far easier way to make him feel better about himself and get him on the right track. So I whip this kids ass in the gym. I go out to eat with him after everytime, sometimes pay for his meal, even though it's a waste of money to eat out everyday (well 4 days), its worth it so I know he (and I) is atleast getting a decent calorie rich meal. Its been maybe 3 weeks now with him on my routine and he's like im getting gains!! I laugh but its good he is feeling better.

    My other friends are passive, they would not seek to help him like this. If you care about people, and we should care about all people as Christ taught you must show them their wrongs and help them to the best of your ability. Often we examine ourselves in the process and learn our own wrongs.

  • Thats a nice story Count, but I can damn near guarantee the friends you so casually wrote off each have a similar story of their own about their impact on the life of someone close to them.

    When you realize this and re-read everything you wrote, maybe you will understand a holier than thou attitude is most assuredly a symptom of immaturity

  • Despite our differences, I do wish the best for you all. Sk draws many unique individuals, from such diverse backrounds. I hope God has mercy on all of you, we all deserve it after dealing with this shit game for so long right? Haha

  • My acceptance of fascism has also changed my life along with refinding the faith. I seek to have more discipline, recognize the order of thins, have a love of work, and the sense of honor and duty to myself and those around me, and the rejection of morally degenerate practices. Far easier said then done definitely. You are right darius in that if we live this way, others will see our success and wish to emulate it, however I still believe we should seek to help shape those around us if they have fallen into darkness.

  • I am not believing I am holier than anyone, I am a sinner like all of us i have done terrible things, and still do. But I recognize this and try to be better. As I said I learn daily my own faults when I help others. I do not right off my friends, but I can see that they are blinded by the culture today. Perhaps you don't know how far gone my generation is.

  • Forgive me if that is the impression you get of me

  • I lived a life of degeneracy when I was far younger than them, they are now discovering this life style. I have moved past that, and so I use my past experiences to try to show them that it isn't as great as they think, and that it will damage them as it damaged me. Does this explain it better?

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    This conversation is draining, I think it is just natural order of the sk public forums to reject the others opinion. Why would we all want to get along? Haha. Lets leave it be, I'd love to talk about lifting though. How long have you been lifting for darius? Forgive me if you already mentioned this, and what does your 4-6 day split look like?

  • Been lifting since 19, though honestly I only am just now getting to the point that I really know what I'm doing


    A - Heavy Deadlift/Shoulders/Forearms/Traps
    B - Bench/Chest/Triceps/Abs
    x - Rest Day/Swimming/Gymnastics/Martial Arts
    C - Squats/Romanian Deadlift/Calves/Abs
    D - Weighted Pull Ups/Back/Biceps
    x - Rest Day/Swimming/Gymnastics/Martial Arts

    I only take preworkout on lifting days, because of diminishing returns the 2 on 1 day off cycle seems to work best for my sleep and recovery, I have been having far more success after moving to colorado with legal weed for me to sleep at will and totally my own place instead of living with my partyboy brother

    I bulked to 205 and got my bench over 300, then did a keto diet to shred down to 170 while training my flexibility, powerlifting form, and gymnastics ability. I can do a static handstand pushup on kettlebells and did my first muscle up the other day, as well as retaining my bench str at 250 and squat/deadlift at 315 with full rom and perfect form

    Now I'll bulk back up and do mini cuts until I reach my perfect form at 5'10 185 8% bf and shift my main focus to Push/Pull/Legs + skills training like Martial Arts and Gymnastics

  • Not too shabby at all. Must feel good doin the muscle up. I was doing calisthenics alot on my power tower w the weighted vest. Now with my 4 day split I am too fatigued to do calisthenics aswell. I need to find a happy medium

  • For bulking check out Huel. Its meant as a meal replacement but it is good for bulking. I suppose good for cutting aswell

  • Tastes like pulverized cheerios tho

  • Well I'm still experimenting with a keto bulk because im pretty sure its impossible to build fat on clean diet keto, but may also be as much of a pain in the ass to build muscle on it

    I've seen Huel, but doesnt shit like that usually have a shitton of sweeteners?

  • No there is no added sweeteners. Only vanilla extract for flavor. Its actually not bad if you blend with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. Tastes like a thick, slightly oaty fruit smoothie

  • From the site:

    Huel is 100% vegan (better for the environment and animals), super convenient, high in protein (148g per 2,000 calories) and fiber (35g), contains under 5 grams of sugar per 2,000 calories (no added sugar), requires minimal packaging and has a shelf-life of 12 months (zero food waste).

    Huel contains a carefully chosen blend of Oats, Pea Protein, Flaxseed, Brown Rice Protein, MCTs from Coconut, Sunflower Oil, a bespoke Vitamin and Mineral Blend, Vanilla Flavor and a Sweetener.

  • The sweetener is I stand corrected. Still under 5 g of sugsr per 2k cal

  • Something else to check out. Kefir - half the fat of milk and twice the protein. Tastes like carbonated smoothie

  • This weeks been motivation , no appetite. Some days I am rdy to throw up weight others I just feel like a slug. Idk if it is manic depression or what lmao

  • Sweetener GI Type Net Carbs (Per 100g) Calories (Per 100g)
    Stevia 0 Natural 5 20
    Allulose 0 Natural 0 – 5 20 – 40
    Inulin 0 Natural 1 150
    Monk Fruit 0 Natural 0 – 25 0 – 100
    Tagatose 3 Natural 35 150
    Erythritol 0 Sugar Alcohol 5 20
    Xylitol 13 Sugar Alcohol 60 240
    Maltitol 36 Sugar Alcohol 67 270
    Sucralose 0-80 Artificial 0 0
    Aspartame 0 Artificial 85 352
    Saccharin Variable Artificial 94 364
    Table Sugar 63 Processed 100 387

    Sucralose is trash, if they had used stevia this would be a maybe from me

  • Honestly consuming Huel would be infinitely better than what I consume on an ordinary basis, sucralose is the least of my issues haha. But I rarely use it I don't know why, I have bags of it sitting in the kitchen. If I had a shake with huel in it after every workout I'm sure I would far heavier. It is pure laziness that I don't use it, I suppose I should start.

  • What do you think of the keto diet? Seems to me that no carbs would lead the body to use muscle tissue as would this be good for gaining muscle or am I missing something?

  • I dropped 40 lbs on the keto diet. I'm experimenting with carb cycling a bit right now but I'm off keto for bulking. I dont think its worth the effort to bulk on keto but its godmode for cutting

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    and no, keto primarily metabolizes fat. Your diet is 30%/69%/1% protein/fat/carbs so as long as youre getting enough calories and protein your body is far less likely to metabolize muscle than it would normally

    The carbs are improving my training and making it possible/easy to hit 3-3.5k cals a day which is an absolute motherfucker with fats only just because of the lack of variety

  • Rob, just fuck off and die already.

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