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Daily reminder that rob is the most path player... EVER!!



  • @secretforce I wouldn't be surprised by that if turned out to be true.

  • interesting theory dank, but its fundamentally wrong. he's not dominant as he has no followers. If you're going to test for a dominant personality, it should be based on ability to lead and affect the game with pure personality without shit like a bot

    I would say omni takes the all-time title for that

  • Universal domination is imminent, my friend.

    Do you think the most successful people in the world (CEO's of Major companies, Billionaires, Professional Athletes) got there by being nice and playing by the rules? Hell no they took risks, broke the law, abused performance enhancing drugs, and stepped on people to get to the top.

    Obviously SK is just a game, but someone with a true Alpha personality applies it to every aspect of their life. It isn't something that they can just turn off.

    As far Darius's comment on Omni and xLTx goes. They were some of the biggest cheaters in the history of the game. They literally used every cheat possible which included a bot, newbie mode tracker, and automated kingdom scanner. That was until I put them in check by wiping out the bot and all of their kingdoms. I haven't seen the majority of them since.

    PS: I'm fully aware Dank is trolling, but I'm playing along for entertainment purposes.

  • Big difference between roids to drop your 40 time and a bot that gives 1 step below full admin rights. Thats like the NFL comissioner declaring himself the superbowl champion lol.

    LT was an organization. Alphaness isnt defined by roiding or being a dick, its about willing submission by others and leadership capacity to improve everyone you interact with.

    Ronny from jersey shore isnt alpha, but fuckin Trump is. Hes the billionaire king of the planet and the news is just a nonstop stream of all the 10's hes nailed in chronological order.

  • daedae
    edited July 2018

    an alpha doesn't have to shout out to the world look at me. you didn't break rules to win you broke the whole game and declared yourself the winner, that is the very definition of an autist throwing a tantrum.
    You used your so called disposable income to buy a bot for a dead game while your wife gets her cunthole smashed by the under 16s chess club
    Meanwhile im using my disposable income to go to japan next week for the 7th time in the last year.
    Its very clear your a fkn alpha, you sit on the net saying how alphas live their life whilst everyone else is out living theirs.
    Sk for most people who still play is merely something to do while they take a shit.

    Play your games rob because at the end of the day thats all you have.

  • Why am I reading this

  • alpha and beta are test runs, I'm a finished product

  • Just when people started to actually tolerate Rob he goes and does this. It's probably a blessing in disguise so now we can take a mandatory break from this game.

  • @omnisk long time no see.

    the one thing nice about sk is it never changes. lol

  • edited July 2018

    Rob's been around a long time he certainly didn't start out as the guy with the bot and he's always been popular. I'm the complete opposite, the black sheep. He's absolutely right in regards to xLTx. That's where the bot originated and led to a mass exodus of players from the game. To me that is Omni's legacy and I found him to be a pompous ass from day one. Our fight originated when I stated that I had a right to exist without getting screwed over by his bots and that's when xFCx began. I still to this day go after him on random games. I'm pretty sure I participated in a gang bang on him not long ago causing a huge post about how I'm the biggest dick ever and he just wants to play in peace. Others were kind enough to step in and do the deed as I'm pretty lazy these days but it was still sweet to play my part. I think that was Beans game. Anyways, I love to troll it's just my natural state but I've been around Rob long enough and if I needed something he was always capable without a bot. I never knew him as the multi or bot guy back in the day.

    This is the kind of Rob dominance I remember. Oh hey guys showed up a month late and was wondering what's shaking? Hey man I'll give you $5 paypal for that #3 account how's that sound? Yeah bet that will buy you a shitload of food in Lithuania! Not exactly the calculator or nerdy type but the shmoozer lurking behind the scenes and whipping some 3rd world kid to spin his account. Sometimes I get confused with names but I'm pretty sure I got this right.

  • dank what is your job?

  • dank got no job, dank smokes crack and posts shit on forums.

  • edited August 2018

    @dariusayyy I wouldn't want my account linked to my job in any fashion they are actually pretty savvy. Anyone that does this type of thing can probably recognize the signs. If you do notice it then you'd know I'm good at it. I'm basically paid to troll. I've been on Steam a long time so I don't usually play any games like this these days. Currently I'm addicted to They are Billions. If you are unhappy Lovsan you could always beg Rob to let you play, maybe blow off some steam.

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    Sign me up @dank ... Employment application forms? Aussie branch of ops?

  • edited August 2018

    @cumgitsum If you lived around here I would for sure. Pretty much anyone still hanging around this place would be excellent at it. Many years ago my child was born and I soon found myself looking to upgrade. I left a nice job and upgraded to a new career only to get caught in a layoff. A new place offered me to take a position with the intention of moving to management. Once I was out of training they filled that spot. After one year I was pissed so they offered me a lump sum to hit certain goals, which I blew out of the water. They came back on year two and said that's above my pay grade and offered me 25 cents. You can imagine how colorful that conversation was. That was a Monday by Friday I had paid off all of my bills, stood up cussed out my boss who told me to sit back down, and exited the premises with security behind me. She called them over and they attempted to put their hands on me and that's when they came to the realization that maybe it's better to just stay a safe distance behind me. People were cheering for me it was surreal and all happened very fast. Apparently talking back to her could be met with force, fuck that shit. You couldn't even leave unless they felt it was time. Maybe 8 hours maybe 18 not your choice.

    So I leave this as advice. Don't ever accept defeat in a dead end job like that. A week later I had accepted a new position and doubled my income. Had I stayed there in an attempt to feed my family I'd have lost everything, take risks.

    I'm always looking to apply the strange skills that I learned online, basically social engineering. If I find a position where grinding, hustling, and semantics result in money in my pocket I'm a very happy person. So yeah I played too much SK, but you know what's kind of funny about that... those skills pay the bills. I'm not rich but I am content and actually enjoy my job. I wish the best for all of you even if I'm a dick in the forum.

  • edited September 2018

    @dank Hey mate. I exited the rat race a while ago & went worked for myself. Fuck dat indentured slave BS.
    I made that conscious choice also... best move I ever did... not to be making someone else rich off my sweat & tears,
    To quote Spartacus... "Kill them All" brother!

  • @cum I think the premise of working for someone else being indentured slavery is fundamentally flawed

    Im happy to work for someone else, more specifically a large mid-tier company that recognizes me as being significantly above average talent wise. They pay overhead for my support teams, take care of menial tasks for me, provide me with marketing tools, quality products etc etc.. all something I would have to handle myself or pay someone else. If I tried to work somewhere like google or amazon, I'd be just another cog, and likely a lower tier cog at that.

    I literally created myself a position where they essentially said, hey Darius is pretty smart/smooth talking and could probably be a company leader some day if we retain him, so I do whatever the fuck I want. In my previous role which was absolutely an office job I just started working from home.. didn't tell anyone.. just did. I had a global job and I literally made up some (actually ended up being very effective) bullshit so I could go hit the Qlimax concert in amsterdam with my best friend... I spent the last couple year primarily alternating playing old versions of world of warcraft at home, or traveling somewhere fun like japan/belgium/chicago etc

    Basically if you are genuinely intelligent and smooth talking the boss-subordinate relationship changes to them being incentivized to keep you. I could go out on my own and probably will one day for fun, but I would end up making around the same salary for exponentially more work. I've found a commission heavy sales job is the optimal job for the ambitious workaholic and territory channel/distribution sales manager is optimized for the intelligent/strategic personality within my company

    Just avoid jobs where your performance can be objectively measured, especially by # of tasks completed per day and other robotic bullshit like that. To avoid it, I was the asshole that designed that system for everyone else :)

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    Firstly, you have found a satisfying niche` that most haven't. Kudos to you mate.
    But I have never liked "working for the man".

    For me it's not about the money. It's about self-satisfaction... Being authentic to my self. So, personally, that doesn't include a job for a job's sake... AKA just to survive.
    Although @ times situations do require it & the bullet had to be bit.

    My comment about "indentured slavedom", is all too prevalent in society. Especially these last couple of generations. One should not have to be "intelligent or smooth talking" to find work that one enjoys, or at least be respected/remunerated for doing it well... Which most of us are not.

    Companies that show loyalty to workers are extremely rare these days, and will sooner fire, en masse if needed, to cut expenses... No qualms given. No care that they are destroying lives & families.
    Their only care & loyalties is to the bottom line, and to their share-holders. And if they aren't listed on the exchange, they are only concerned about their own welfare/personal profits.

    So, it's an economic slave paradigm that forces people t work for "the devil", to keep themselves from drowning in their debt &/or homelessness.

    My work choices , have predominantly been working for Non-Profit Organisations that care for the disabled and also working as a tech sub-contractor in the building industry, and a freelance graphic designer.
    . I am not expecting everyone to be able to, or even want to do these type jobs, just pointing out that, with NGO disability's positions you get that respect, not only from the employer, but also from those who are helped by my services. And relating to the sub-contracting tech work & graphics work, I could assign my own value to my worth.

    Fuck lining someone else's pockets with my knowledge & abilities, when they give no shits about my pockets ;).

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    @cumgitsum You're absolutely right about the satisfying niche! I'd also like to thank you for sticking to a topic without interpreting my comments as an attack :). The internet is pretty brutal these days and even I am getting worn down.

    I agree, but to be fair to myself, I only started as intelligent. I have literally grown up with you guys, its been nearly 20 years.

    I don't think any of you would qualify me as emotionally intelligent/smooth talking when I was younger. In fact for a long time at my core I was generally angry at being constantly misunderstood due to the way I looked and arrogant to overcompensate.

    For a while the SK/EA villain that was Darius was mostly just me venting out my ego in a separated space while restricting my old habits in real life and maturing, mixed with a little bit of self-entertainment

    Even then, I only started as intelligent because my parents pushed me to begin learning earlier than my peers, and encouraged me to stay ahead of the pack.

    I absolutely agree with the self satisfaction aspect and disliking 'working for the man'. My rebellion against the man is paying no attention to formalities. I would often softly force my way into meetings with senior leadership when my peers were intimidated by them. I speak measured but freely. I make my own schedules, design my own projects, and set my own deadlines.

    I had one idiot try to micromanage me, so I immediately made a lateral transfer away and ended up reporting a few levels above him. My new boss was too busy to sit on top of me, so when I reported to him everything I had done in the past year he was absolutely floored that I managed to accomplish it with 0 support. He was only really interested at this time because multiple leaders in a sister company were trying to poach me away from the organization I was in and that had literally never happened before

    Being confronted with the idiot micromanager lit a fire inside me to never deal with bullshit from inferior idiots above me, so I researched how to be successful in business/corporate environments. I've read some key books, spent hours consciously practicing, and went from an introverted/immature fresh engineer to being considered capable of being one of the top salespeople in the company despite never selling anything.

    Regarding the company loyalty blurb, I don't think that's true. Its true for large corporations because it can't be any other way. In reverse however, there is very little job loyalty on the employee side. In my experience many people stay in their jobs due to fear of the unknown, but a considerable amount of people hop around yearly for the salary bump. The workforce is just as disloyal to large companies, and fundamentally I think they should be.

    I see life as a game, and my fuck you to the world is exempting myself from the drudgery. I'm unironically the guy below when I'm at work. If I'm ever tasked with too much menial bullshit, I simply delegate it to people with less charisma and drag them with me upward in return.

  • edited September 2018

    Mate, you could well be right re. employees not showing loyalty themselves... especially within the professional/white collar worker sector.

    But all to often, I see blue collar workers, who really just want to keep a stable job. Quite happy to commit to their employer all their life. They work hard to earn the respect of their employer who gave them an opportunity to feel appreciated & provide for their family. Only to be laid off, or have their overtime reduced, because it's more profitable for their company to employ casuals or labour hire.

    I know this is sometimes necessary, as companies go through major downturns, but a lot of companies squeeze, or dismiss their workers just to make more profits for themselves. Even if they are making a ridiculous profit prior to that.

    I understand these workers are more old skool, and today' workforce has mostly adjusted to that new paradigm you described. But FUCK man... it still pisses me off... This ever increasing global economy, is destroying the majority of worker's livelihood, to line the pockets of the few who operate @ the top of the pyramid.

  • edited September 2018

    CEOs are not evil the same way that NFL players are not evil for being paid well, the sentiment you have is in perfect alignment with Trump, but then you linked a socialist type meme/joke.

    Money is not a finite resource, if I am wealthy it is because I had the opportunity to be, not because I stole from everyone around me. Globalization is a problem and we compete economically with China and the EU for control of the developing world. If we adopt a nationalistic mindset we will continue to dominate, but if we give away all of our capacity to produce, we become dependent on other countries who do not have our best interests in mind

    Trumps policies are fixing that. If you cant get a decent job in the most powerful economy in the world EVER at its PEAK maybe you dont deserve one

  • Really. IDGAF about the US or any other dominating world power TBH...
    What's the point of a powerful country, if you treat the disadvantaged like fodder for the fewer advantaged?

    “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Gandhi
    I truly believe this.

    Call me a socialist, but I prefer "humanitarian".

  • Simply put you ruin humanity by not forcing people to work hard for things. If the State covers all costs and treats everyone equally, there is no incentive to work and society breaks down. Its really just that simple, socialism is perfect for robots but has nothing to do with the way humans think or operate in real life, thats why capitalism is proven time and time and time and time and time again to be the best economic model you can have, obviously it is not with out flaws but its the best we can do so far, until technology and automation limit or eliminate the need to work altogether.

  • Capitalism has the major problem of degenerating society however.

  • Call me a little nutty boys but I am a clerical fascist/monarchist, although of course this is more of an ideological system then a economic one.

  • Sharing economy is where it's at.

  • edited September 2018

    I am not a socialist.
    And yeah... Resource based sharing economy is where it should be at
    Doesn't lead to peeps being selfish, all for themselves, greedy cunts. Taking more than they need, all for show.

  • @CountD Yup. And not just society, but the environment as well

  • Who determines how much I need cumgit? Why do they have that power over me? I should be able to amass as much as I am capable or willing to acquire, that simple.

  • That is the issue, private enterprise should be allowed but it should not be detrimental to the state or society

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