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Bean's Game



  • edited January 2016
    ooo.. that means even more rampant touching in nawty places are a coming.
  • THE GAME IS GOING TO END ON JAN 25, 22:00:00.
  • There will be a ~2day signup period at the end of this round. Plus a bit of time for me to implement some empire type balances.
  • Whoops! We killed the round a couple days early.

    Signups now.
  • arson incoming!
  • It was a good round. Enjoyed the hits in every direction to say the game is fairly small. But at least its legit.
  • Who was top last rd?

    Might give a go...

    De Vinci
  • De la Rocha
  • I guess DW best pt for the short rounds?
  • Trying to think. First round I've forgot, second was mount, this last round MT.

    I don't know if you have seen the PT changes. Trying to balance the PTs by short rounds, research is halved for non land based. Maybe even lower this round.
  • No point using terra, never be able to research tactic fighters....
  • Oceanic got that buffs that BFart would never do ;)
  • No point using terra, never be able to research tactic fighters....
    You can rush RWCE and get sub ML speeds with better offense though.
  • mysti got a nice little buff also... -5% offensive & -35% return times :D
  • someone should post the PT changes for this round in full, I did that the alliance before it disbanded and a few joined up after seeing how awesome it looks
  • from game manual
  • 56 legitimate players :-O
  • Im amazed myself. Didnt think it would catch on so fast.
  • Last round the sector cap was increased to 5 to allow more targets and the sectors ended up being too big. They could be thinned again. Looking a lot better and always work being done to improve it.
  • Still too easy to multi with a good IP changer and half a brain. Need to make probe news available (like sector news) so that people can potentially identify farming. Already know one person with 4 kds and been no problems so don't say it won't happen.

    Overall though it is Awesome what bean has done and things are moving in the right direction.
  • I'm going to guess some of these are his right?
    Snowflake, Worried, Flash, Corporation
  • Meh, at least it's policed. I don't mind doing the policing ourselves, but have the baddies deleted by mods :) Beats the heck out of SK in this reguards.
  • Simply ask Bean to monitor all the top kds probe and attack history. Not difficult for the top 5 kds is it...

  • Who is winning?

    I might give it a go next rd
  • It's only just starting, so the mysti are highest in land etc
  • We'll police it some. But only for very very obvious things. I still think the community should handle most farming stuff as that makes good politics. Obviously bots will be banned, and blatent cheating is discouraged.

    But if we ban people for suspicious activity its just going to be a bunch of friends circle jerking each other for top kingdoms.
  • Who is winning?

    I might give it a go next rd
    It's always me or another guy.
  • Who is winning?

    I might give it a go next rd
    It's always me or another guy.
    One person or another
  • Sly im not a multi...i can barely maintain 1 kd let alone multiple haha
  • No I don't believe you are. I chose a little randomly, just guessing based off some basic assumptions. Corporation was sharing IPs at the round start so I find that suspect. I understand you live with people who also play.
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