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To Anyone Who Has Made A Multi Army:



  • Hey dank, remember a few rounds back when you was sharing screamins dr feelgood kd?
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    When in Rome I become Roman my friend. You were showed both styles. Your friends were stunted on hard. Your desire to hide and talk shit on other peoples accounts was judged. It was decided that you were a big pussy. So I figured fuck it Lynog is kewl he can share with us. At least he fights for his crew. He pushed a lot of weight but honestly during all of our fighting you were never there unless you count sitting on his shoulder like a parrot as he posted.
  • Did you know I was on that account with you mate? making hits etc?

    Kept that quiet for a while didnt you, and it wasnt the only round.

    We were like one big family, fc and the evil 2ndc on one account. Kind of makes everything you say bullshit really doesnt it.
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    You know I took that account over, kicked you both off, and killed your friends with it. The entire server had to jump in to pull me off them. You already knew that though didn't ya sweety? I formed the Hellraisers alliance and made sure to kill HG for the third time that round for a hattrick, because I wanted one. Thanks for growing that for me.
  • No you didnt hahah

    So before I go to bed, the conclusion of this.

    Dank throws around all sorts of accusations about botting/sharing etc, and it turned out he had to do it himself on an account grown by lynog and me. Must have felt good being on a decent account for once.

    There was no "kicking out" hahah you didnt even know I was on it, probably didnt even know lynog was

    Night babe, if you want a decent account again in future give me a shout ill help you again.

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    Everyone knows that I did Qwj and as always I still have not only the memories but also the screen shots. The round began with me slapping HG with shit loads of multis while he was in my group, trapped. Meanwhile you grew the backup unknowingly as I teed off on him twice. Each attack took about two weeks to stop my individual murder sprees and lots more died with him. That was before I took over that one and made the rest of the round about me, because you bitches said I was never a true FC leader. How funny is that? Right in the midst of your power trip and universe NAP shit I took the fuck over on a whim for lols. Even T-Monsta said I was going too far because I targeted some female AL that wouldn't pull her weight as an FC member. I can't remember her name all of a sudden but I admit it was a bit much. Still, you join you pull your weight that's how it goes or you become the target. It's one thing to say outright you can't pull weight but it's another to sit on your hands when it is your turn in line. Our presence together on the account consisted of me showing up to change the password and claim it. Much love to Screamin for that hookup. That part wasn't planned he is just a great individual and he hooked up the fun on the final stretch. So go take your bitch ass to a different game so us non bot folks can reclaim our server. Fuck you and fuck your bot.

    Silly things a washed up person like me does when challenged, deliver. You were warned before don't make daddy target you like I did your boys. Mistake me for a corpse again I love it.
  • This is what sk is really about

    pissing contest

    Its all there is left
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    Oh no it will become more loafery. If I start talking mad shit I will show back up here as well and put my money where my mouth is. Unlike this mother fucker I won't be hard to find. I'm not afraid to take my beating plenty of people have KTed me in the past. It's guys like this that can't handle being embarrassed that leave forever once it happens. I want to do this server a favor and help you guys chase off this bot using piece of shit. What we need is a wall to keep him out.
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    Been gone for a while... Was a little confused when I saw dank earlier in the round, making comments. He sounded so unlike dank.... Humble and well... "making sense"??
    Now everything is back to normal, and how I remember it...
    Impossible to keep that Ego down.

  • I'm in game mode now I made an account and I'm looking for that rat bastard. He is going to start following the rules of this game for now on.
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    If he is found guilty of disgracing this good game and this community refuses to act... I am going to multi rape Qwj for justice.
  • Seriously... Qwj?
    There are no bigger SK cheats on the boards to target??... Sounds like a personal witch hunt rather than one that's good for the game
  • But this one is entertaining!
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    I don't know what makes you think that my hatred for that stupid mother fucker is personal. I am doing this for you guys. How could you even say that to me after all the time we've spent together? Cumgitsum, listen, I may have made some mistakes in the past but I have found Jesus. Since then I have changed my life. I have adopted animals from the orphanage. I brought frogs water this morning because they looked dry. I'm a different person now. I don't have any personal vendetta with that queer looking son of a bitch dog fucking faggot mother fucker rat bastard looking son of a bitch.
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    Please continue talking as nothing I do is worth anything.
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    **removed** panda edited

  • why people listen to Dank is beyond me.
  • Sometimes you want to hang out and be nurtured by a lady. It's warm and comforting and you can snuggle in her bosom. Othertimes you just want to tear into a steak and drink some beer with the guys watching football. Then there are times you just don't give a crap anymore and you want to cause trouble and that's where I come in!
  • Odd how that doesn't make you feel pathetic.
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    You are a girl you would not understand man things.
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    What she really means is that she misses me and is sorry that she defied my order. Though she may deny this I accept her apology. To make her happy I take all blame it was all my fault. Now we are friends again. :)
  • Looks like I have a Qwj fanclub.

    After all these years on sk you missed your chance mate, iv rolled you out everytime I have saw you and even destroyed alliances of yours and all you have done is post me as a KT once and fail.

    And now your chance has passed since Ill probably never sign up again. S1 is even more boring than s2 now.
  • This is what sk is really about

    pissing contest

    Its all there is left
    + cookies if I get around ot it.
  • Shame the only people who have the power to save the game are the weak & self-absorbed types who use it as a penis replacement. Haven't one of you any stand-up?
    Tyrsis made his big whiney butt thread that people ate up but did you know that he was once FC? Oh yes and not only that we gave him an ultimatum. If you stay with us we are going to make you a co founder and you will become an equal with dank and ice. When we departed he would have been in control. When this news hit the forums his AIM messenger blew up and without even issuing a single order he backed out. Just the thought of him being an FC leader immediately alienated him from his friends. Even if he decided to run the alliance a different direction while we were gone it was just too much for them. They couldn't trust him flying that flag. So he decided that he would not fight whatsoever, in any way, and instead embraced them. He then got credit as a real builder of kingdoms and all the shit that he yearned for. Any communication with him to fight with them was always rejected. So when you look at these people in power remember this, they just want to be popular that's all that they are. They are vain shallow mother fuckers that just want to stare at themselves in a mirror. You can never ever count on them to do anything against the grain. Anytime they do it's actually sanctioned and they are just playing along like they are on their own. For instance you join their alliance but they let everyone get eaten while never attacking the target you all desire, oh oopsie. If they wanted to fight they wouldn't be over there circle jerking with them. In regards to his stupid fucking thread he made I have only this to say. Bitch.
    I was also like 15. But I do admire the old history lesson.
  • I'm glad everyone enjoyed the thread and the pissing contest that ensued.

    My point still stands of course, and unfortunately it's not ever going away until the game is completely dead.
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