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edited June 2015 in General
Anyone play this? Its a game about eating cells and growing. I found it a good way to procrastinate from work.


  • I DO NOW!
  • k im done, this game sucks
  • You need like an alliance to have fun in this game

    that is where w comes in lol
  • I pressed W, nothing happened.
  • you shed a bit of your cell mass
  • Get good Sped, jezuz
  • i ate tthe map. cudn't move anymore. too fat
  • i ate tthe map. cudn't move anymore. too fat
  • edited July 2015
    Ok I just played 2 hours of this.

    It's amazing
  • it's like a fast paced version of sk LOL
  • i wish there was a way to play together
  • there is.

    we all get on skype in a gigantic call
    or name our balls
    SK - (your name)
    or something
  • I'm in.
  • Just have to keep rejoining the same Server and then find each other.
  • yeah we'll have to pick a time and server, then keep refreshing till we all have the same one
  • its hard to get big, somebody keeps eating me :(
  • Lovsan I'm sure it's hard to keep their lips off of you.
  • After you split is there any way to force your cells to combine, or is it just random when it happens
  • Lol funny this game found its way here. Here is a post from another forum I browse and they have found a way to join the same game. Hope it helps.
    The link to the game is -

    For those of you that played before, you know it was hard to find other SKers, well not now.

    Here is a link to a script that adds a new option to the game that lets you see the server ip you are on, and let you connect to specific server IPs instead of just a region.

    To install script, you either need greasemonkey for firefox, or tampermonkey for chrome.
    1. - Install greasemonkey OR tampermonkey depending on browser
    greasemonkey(firefox) -
    2- Go to
    3 - click install script.
    4- Go to/ Refresh and it will now look like this.
    5- YOU CONNECT BY HITTING RECYCLE BUTTON. you gotta do that b4 u hit play

    Now, let me aware u host maybe 1-3 servers under the same ip typically. All you do is compare leaderboards, won't be that hard since there is only 1-3 on the same IP. just click refresh button outlined in red until you get same leaderboard. If you want don't to worry about it and just play on a server on that IP. limits us to 1-3 servers.Should have enough SKers playing to where u will see them even if that IP is hosting more than one server.
  • can't force urself to rejoin, it's just a time thing, gotta wait it out to merge.
    think of it like ur wls coming back home. lol
  • Typical SK, already trying to bring their cheating ways to another game.

    CRASH AND BURN must be our motto.
  • edited July 2015
    so who's playing now?

    playing on the east asia server right now as sk loafery

    leaderboard has: hut and chich, taiwan, ayy lmao, nctuu, ~.~ and other korean names.
  • y so small..... lol
  • kesha write a bot for this game plz
  • pretty simple
    have 1 big ball in the bot. then make hundreds of new windows and they just run bee-lines toward the big ball
  • anyone playing now?
  • Was away all weekend.. glad to be back... must consume.
  • Well, I was rank 2 for about 45 minutes, then got hit by the green spike thing and boom. #depressed
  • you can feed green spike things and they shoot another out once they are big enough.
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