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What games are you currently playing?



  • oh, ok, i'll check that when i get back to my tablet
  • Ingress
    Astro Empires
  • i played on again. played billiard
  • Starkingdoms o.O
  • Finished titnan souls on hard. Finished the paths of of nua on pillars of eternity. Probably going to get axiom verge this week on steam.
  • Finally got my dang closed beta key for Path of Exile Awakening so working on that now when I have time checking out all the new things!
  • @tyrsis your best bet at a burn deck will be mage. Its similar to mtg, but they are like apples and oranges. Both are fruits, after that their isn't much that's similar.
  • tried a mage deck based on spell amplification but the buffs only worked on direct damage cards :(
  • edited May 2015
    Got my fucking ass handed to me in spectacular fashion today from a guy with a murloc deck. He kept making copies of a card that forces me to draw cards. I quickly ran out and I lost on his next turn cause apparently drawing a card when you can't takes health.

    Fairly confused hahahah
  • lol, didnt even know the deck could end..
  • Murlock mill. I don't see it often, it usually beats me.

    I highly suggest looking up decks on sites like liquidhearth, hearthpwn, and hearthhead if you are having troubles. Can give you some decent ideas of possible interaction and find something that looks fun.
  • I beat FF4 on my DS today. I bought the game about 7 years ago and decided I should finish my playthrough from back then.

    Probably picking up Axiom Verge on pc this week.
  • Anyone catch Iga's Bloodstained KS? I need more metroidvanias in my life.
  • I still need to play ori and the blind forest and axiom verge @Loxie. But yes I saw it, and yes I'll buy it when it comes out.
  • i'm oldschool. i play dota :)
  • i'm oldschool. i play dota :)
    1 or 2? I'm still playing DOTA 2 every week. I'll be playing tonight.
  • i play both..but mostly 1 because many of my friends play there
  • man i havent played dota 1 in a long time. normally just do 2 cause its requires less for me to get different friends to try it.
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