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Bravely Default WW: An Alternate World - The warriors of light win and stuff



  • Slllloooooowwwwww moooooooooo
  • Thank god loaf voted amirite
  • the real luck is that I forgot to mod kill loaf the last day like I was going to for breaking the rules and doing a fake reveal :P

    But thunderstorms are hard to come by in the desert, and it came late!
  • Much death such wow
  • Jess breaking her own game!! GG. xD
  • wheres the fun in not fake revealing

    then u cant play mind games

    and its just about strategy and luck which just makes it kinda linear like what damdred said
  • After a long trek through an abandoned mythril mine, Agnes arrived at the temple housing the fire crystal. Airy was especially excited--this was the last one! After her long trek, her journey was finally coming to an end. Her job as Vestal had been done. Just one last ritual..

    Agnes kneeled before the darkened crystal and began the rite for the fourth and final time. As she prayed, the cloud of darkness began to crumble and fall off, just as the other crystals had done. ..but something was wrong. She felt a wave of heat flow through her chest. Was it the heat of the crystal..? As Agnes' vision began to blur, her head bowed and she saw the long knife that had pierced through her chest. "Agnes!!" cried Airy, as she made her escape. "Oh no.. the crystal, who will.."

    Airy's question was cut off. With her last breaths, Agnes finished praying to the crystal. The ritual was complete. The fire crystal had shaken off the last of the darkness, and now shone a blindingly bright red. As Agnes aka CoryNewb slumped to the ground, the figure of Konoe Kikyo stood tall, having finally achieved the duchy's task. But this was short lived.

    The fire crystal's awakening caused a violent surge of lava and magma to flow into the temple. Konoe Kikyo looked desperately for a way to escape, the but only path out had already been completely flooded in liquid fire. Konoe bowed her head. She knew the end was coming. Perhaps this was how it was meant to be. This was the second vestal she had assassinated in this very temple. And seconds later she enjoyed a lava bath. Konoe Kikyo aka SilentButterfly had been fried by the powers of the Fire crystal.

    Qada peered out the Starkfort's window. He had been planning on making a delivery, but with the volcanic fireworks display outside he figured it safest to keep his distance for the time being. Perhaps he would deliver it during the day instead.

    As morning dawned within the desert city of Ancheim, the citizens peered about, looking for their benevolent ruler and beloved vestal. Where had she gone? It seems the city was once again having to hold a true vote, for the first time in several days..
  • O.O our king! Nooooo *sniffles*
  • edited August 2014
    Arson for king, Lynch Narshe

    Loafery, reveal prohibition automatically bans fake reveals as well.

    Eg. Considering the way you want it to be:

    I'm seer and cant say i'm seer.

    I'm vigilante and say i'm mafia. Since its a fake reveal, mod wont kill me. This means mod is giving the players 100% guarantee in me not being mafia.
  • edited August 2014
    Dumb move. It's clear I'm the seer.

    Darubian for king
  • eg means exempli gratia
  • kinda obvious what to do now

    darubian for king

    not voting for darubian clearly shows you are a bad person

    lynch unreliable
  • I will also take this moment to clear mages name.
  • Good luck have fun all!
  • I believe unreliable to be good flazer, but I do agree with his Lynch vote.

    Lynch narshe
  • ok, ill revoke my lynch vote and put it on narshe

    lynch narshe
  • I should be frank we are going at this blind I have only been able to confirm three people and two are dead and makes is good.
  • Why is everyone hopping on this lynch train of unreliable voting me, this guy plays the game as a wildcard, have you seered everyone yet Daru?

    Darubian King
  • I think I just made it pretty clear that I have not.
  • Ahhh I see so we are just doing this blind thing again. Well I am still going for Lynch Unreliable for starting this on me.
  • Narshe, they really shouldnt...
  • Unreliable has also shown in the past to be good. He typically plays as a wild card and generally unravels at even the slightest bit of pressure.
  • clearly lynching nobody today is the best course of action.
  • shouldnt you test the pressure reaction by following flazer's vote then?
  • No, I would like the town to continue lynching narshe. Each of his statements are simply refuted and he still chooses to view negatively.
  • I just wanted to be on the winning side at the end of a game for once! And now you take this chance away from me... for shame. [-X
  • if you are good, and good side wins, you still win, even if you are dead.
  • if you are good, and good side wins, you still win, even if you are dead.
    This. But your potentially innocent death dors assist the remaining players in winning. I'm confident that we have this.
  • (Ghost voice: you can't not lynch anyone)
  • The goal should be to have as many good guys alive to enjoy the winning! Not this throw someone under the bus and laugh some more :D What happens when I die, you don't win and then tonight what do you do?
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