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Let's play Erepublik

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I did this a long long time ago, and many of the people are no longer active who signed up. There remains a couple though like loxie who is like a god of this game...

I think for some people it is right up their alley. Basically in the game you are given a citizen and have an opportunity to go your own way in whatever field you think you excel, be it politics or military or both. Some people just travel around the world fighting wars, and/or getting together with some friends and creating their own military unit for lulz.

Give it a shot:

I will give a quick rundown of a quick and easy way to get started and lvling up in a significant way ASAP. I did lvl 15 when I restarted in less than a day (with some help from my friends) but not doing anything too spectacular.

Me and Smith are in Ireland, not sure what if anything is the goal but just sort of feeling out the situation there. You are welcome to join or go wherever you want really. I would like to get a group of people together who, after some time deciding if they like they game, would want to do some team work or something on whatever goal we might want to d.

Here is a guide for new people, which is not gospel or maybe 100% up to date but is a good starting point for people and explains what stuff is.

If you are interested, get in touch with me in forums and/or aim and we'll go from there.


  • Loxie got me to sign up a couple yers back but i couldnt get into it. Might tak another peak
  • I remember this game from forever ago. Don't know why I ever stopped. It was interesting. Ill check it out.
  • PiePie
    edited August 2012
    Can it be played mobile like SK? Cause I never get the computer or laptop with a wife and 4 kids.. especially 2 teenage boys and... Well hell all of them suck up the computer time so I go mobile!
  • Yes it can be played on mobile.

    Like SK it is not as slick that way, but if you're used to it...
  • fun game only lvl 13 but still good
  • I think I tried it a few years ago, but got turned off that there wasn't any kind of round reset. I felt like I was facing an army with a bb gun.
  • Yeah the way loxie put it was: im a god, you are an ant. I imagine you could rise up though
  • edited August 2012
    The war module has actually completely changed. The game in general has gone out of its way to be more interesting and engaging for newbies (in some ways to its detriment).

    I agree, and loxie may not, but I also thought the old war module sucked.

    Basically, for newbies it is really easy to lvl, here is my advice:

    - You get XP for adding your first avatar dimensions are 158x158 pixels.
    - Be very calculated where you spend gold, should be on xp, warring, wellness, strength, etc.
    - Do not get into companies over your head. You have to manage each one (like hire employees, buy resources) to even make a go of them. *** MANAGING A COMPANY IS ADVANCED STRATEGY.***
    - Townhalls and upgrades are probably the most important thing in the game. The more free wellness you can gain offline, the more fighting you can do and the more xp you can gain. Make sure priority is assigned to townhalls at any level.
    - Do not spend gold on energy bars or extra wellness by gold. Complete waste bang for buck wise.
    - Spend most of your money on weapons, say Q4, Q5 are a bit too expensive right now
    - Make sure you have lots of food and try to compare bang for buck in quality (currency vs wellness granted).
    - Don't worry about local currency, it is becoming more and more worthless. Gold is where the real value is.
    - Follow your missions: lots of cool rewards including currency etc.
    - Fight at all times with as much health as you can.

    Just do that and you will get ahead of the game in no time.

    This is my profile, add me as a friend, those of you who have accounts. Also, this stuff is easier to explain in IM or what not tho.
  • I might give this a shot. Do we all need to go to Ireland?
  • Do as you will, people will eventually anyway.

    Just to let you know why I like smaller countries. The communities are smaller and tighter and easier for a group of people to influence, it's easier to get elected, it's easier to get battle medals etc. In bigger countries a newer player is a nobody.
  • I'm in Ireland with Smith and Crash
  • lol
    I dont really get it but im an Aussie so just doing the recommended missions lol
  • wow nice game recommendation xD
  • Well, the missions are a good start to learning the game. If you have any questions just ask me.
  • Well, the missions are a good start to learning the game. If you have any questions just ask me.
    lol how do you get employees?
  • Post a job ad through the economic module. I would do some research on going wages and such.
  • I remember when we all started this and tried taking over Israel. Then I got bored. To tears. Someone tell those fuckwits to get off their ass and make true mobile support.
  • In fairness sci, game has changed a ton since you played :P
  • I don't get it...
  • I don't get it...
    lol its harder than SK xP
  • edited August 2012
    It's not any harder than sk at all.

    The game itself is really as hard as you want to make it. There are different avenues to have whatever you want "success" to be. That's what I think the beauty of the game is.

    There is a lot to it, just like SK but unless you're running governments this game is pretty straight forward in its basic form.

    Don't sweat the details and learn the complicated stuff as you go along. If you get the basics then you have time anyway and can lvl up fine.
  • lol I feel like I'm doing some stuff wrong since I can't level up to 20 in a single day and a lot of players were able to do that
  • The thing you are missing is weapons at great quality for long term. I can help you with this.

    Msg me in game.
  • Crash is leveling up super fast but I think part of that is his prior knowledge of the game and his many referrals. I am at 20 now and I am finding it to be a hard time trying to gain enough experience to hit 21.
  • im lvl 18 but i still dont get it.

    what weapons are cost effective?
    how do you get employees and what do they do?
    how do you get more AUD (yes im an aussie and indonesia can suck a dick lol)
    and how do you get sent stuff for help?
  • Its like no.
  • well where you at lol
  • Also sweet DP LoXie Hei from Darker than Black just finished watching both series and the OVA def gonna cosplay him some day
  • we have an aim chat going for erepublik now loxie, should go on aim for it :-p

    though its mainly with our domination in ireland
  • No Aussie love? :(
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