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Banned KDs

edited September 2011 in Game Talk
BCartfall changed Lynog_x2ndCx_LFC's permissions.
Lynog_x2ndCx_LFC was removed from the Member role.
September 26

it seems people are getting banneD? ..


  • edited September 2011
    For nothing I think,I sent a message telling Bcart he banned a legit player an let a multi continue to be able to post which makes no sense to me but...I would love to here Bcart validate his actions.
  • holy fuck fuck shit

    we dont need 3 of the same topics you retard

    infact we dont even need 1 topic about that retard lynog

  • the 3 discussion was my mistake, but i could find no way to delete them, i got some error and assumed it wasn't creating.
    This forum is all bugged :-(
    anyway, i think it sucks alot this quiet banning. who goes next ? lol..
  • I forgive you biozes.

    I will consider unbanning Lynog if an officer position within TB is offered to me.
  • He said something about bcart who must have had a bit of a cry and banned him.

    Thats his 1 bit of admin duty done for the next 6 months
  • he must have realized lynog is a sh!thead that takes the game too seriously and needs to relax a bit. bcart was only doing him a favor
  • why do i get all the noobs in this discussion ?
    The point is: is BCart trying to put some GESTAPO-like censure or is more of a KGB-like censure ?
    perhaps.. adding to the previous one that we can't insult BCart now we need to say Great BCart before everypost and Long Live to BCart after every post, what do you think of this suggestion for new rules ?

    Long Live BCart ( hopefuly i wont get banned, if i do its really end of free speech as we know it :D )
  • you're a fucking retard

    I hope he bans you. If he does then I will buy premium in support of the decision.
  • can only say that ? not one constructive post from you.
    again i repeat: if BCart bans people and delete posts like he did, then its end of freedom of speech, apart from the bugs he doesnt fix.
    Another nail into SK ?
    my last round, that's for sure the way i see it. and if you can only call retard to the people you don't agree with, then just get out of this thread, tired of people just spit out their full of garbage mouth.
  • You are a retard because:

    - You relate SK issues to real world issues
    - Lynog was banned for legitimate reasons
    - I've contributed more to these forums then you

    If you are going to quit because Lynog was forum banned, for legitimate reasons from what ive heard, then you must be a ... (you know where this is going)
  • yeah right me and my long story on comming to PFs, do you think i care that much ? but i dont think its OK.. and the fact i am possibly not gonna play next round is due to lack of time and also that other thing people are trying to find out in the other thread and if you're that smart, just let us know what it is..
  • tyrsis and lynog were banned because they called him obscenities in an announcement thread

    Above my post, the two posts got deleted. I doubt anyone should condone action of calling the owner of this game any sort of degrading name in an announcement for any reason.

    So if you are crying over other stuff, don't bother.
  • edited October 2011
    Haha that's pretty funny.

    You'd have to be stupid to trash talk the admin/owner after he makes the first major change to the game in years. Before you could get away with it because he was mostly inactive.
    Some people lack common sense
  • Biozes freedom of speech doesn't apply to the intranets, the almighty bcart desides the laws here. In all honesty BCart deserves to hear some shit after the horrors he has allowed to occur in this game and the bugs he's ignored till round ends but he also has the power to do what he wants here as its his game
  • Lynog is the only person I've ever banned from FC chat. I love hostility and drama. He can be downright repulsive at times. No offense to Lynog as I know he's just screwing around, but he really knows how to push the buttons. It's a talent.
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