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Excuse me Kesha



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    Since your side is so ignorant as to request he spell it out Im sure youll get the same sideline ass rape as last round. Why would he incriminate himself when he can say nothing and do as he pleases? Thats stupid dont you think? You call others stupid because your attention span is too short to figure out the obvious.
  • Im not happy with peoples decision to do nothing but either way there is nothing anyone can do to stop him.
    The game has to evolve to survive however its basically evolving like the Sloth, Sloths are actually the funniest animal it used to be this massive huge thing but because all it does is eat leaves it gains next to no energy and instead of changing its diet it was DEVOLVED so it can live off just leaves.

    Thats the metaphore im using in this case. The uni has devolved to deal with the problem because otherwise it uses too much energy.
  • The only thing I can personally contribute was my short time as part of the Baltimore Guardian Angels. I mean, real short. Let me just say that gun laws do not work in the city of Baltimore - I highly doubt there are so many concealed carry licenses being issued to these scumbags. You know what works? Getting people to watch around their neighborhoods, and getting people to work with police officers in both preventative and witnessing crimes. It's hard though when folks are scared of every other block in their neighborhood and scared of every other person.

    Edit (Fairness): It also works when police and government at least pretends to give a fuck about it's populace.
    Perhaps you should let Omar do more rough justice.
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    Im not happy with peoples decision to do nothing but either way there is nothing anyone can do to stop him.
    Maybe you should try stopping him without letting people on the bot run the alliance you are in first. People are setup to fail. Stopping him is simple but nobody is interested because the leaders profit from it in some way. It starts by ceasing to depend on anyone that makes concessions to him and then you move forward. You cant rely on the current leaders that have done this. The leadership is ruining the game we need new ones.
  • lol no one profits from it but Kesha lol please stop trying to sound smart

    Its basically the same problem America has with Terrorism theres nothing you can do to stop it you kill one another takes its place.
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    You are mistaken to believe nobody profits it is extremely short sighted and you should be embarrassed. Vast amounts of time from multiple people are invsted in this extremely elaborate program.
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