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Shout Out to my players out there.

edited June 2012 in General
Tyrsis, bro.your getting to mad. Chill. all your posts your super angry. beat some one up in real life buddy. Get that aggression out. I aint hatin on ya. Just sayin... chill homie.

Winter, I see you postin once in awhile. How you been buddddy, long time... very long time no talk. what gives?

Flazer... your still a lil bitch. lol. mainly because you let shit roll of your shoulder and thats how you win every argument your in. Flazer in un-phasable! also. Source.

Arson, didnt you call me a few months back? thats a weird conversation. lol text instead.

man, even the people that I didnt talk to or didnt give me any respect. Whats up? Its been along time and its cool ya stayed around in this game. but... yeah. Hows it goin bros an hoes?

Anyone seen Random around? AL of Bastion quite awhile back. Was in Source as well.


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