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Join Discord channel and meet some SK vets

Hi everyone,

I want to welcome you to join Discord channel at

There are a few SK vets who are playing This is basically SK version before sector states and honor system introduced.
I have personal motivation and full access to game code base, and a few things have been improved since then.

If you're still willing to build a few tanks and not to get abused by some child with bunch of multies, might be worth to consider.

Anyways, join Discord ( and let's have a chat there ;-)

Few key ideas behind
* Do not go too far from original SK concept.
* Community first!
* Open source its code, so anybody can take over if some game admin quits.

Yes, I am real Omni, and yes, I am working together with Dank to get some SK community back ;-)


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    It's been a fun project and there are still some issues but it's stable and ready to play. We need more people to populate it so that we can focus on specific gameplay aspects and tweak things along the way. There is much irony in this group of administrators now working together. It's so crazy that it actually makes sense.

    Players now have a choice. Enjoy SK with limited administration or come to the klone where we will actively remove cheaters. The goal is to live in symbiosis with SK, not to take its place. If you want to break the rules choose wisely, because we will for sure ban you.

  • At this point, there can't possibly be a decent enough playerbase. I just can't be bothered with this kind of game anymore. I was always too busy to play, but I did anyway. But now I have just gone so long without it because the state it became. I guess you could say the addiction I had has gone. Goodluck with it.

  • It ticks every 30 minutes and the rounds are only a month long. We tweak the formula based on feedback. There are still enough players to have some fun. We wouldn't have done this otherwise. People kept coming back no matter how ridiculous trying to play became so here we are. We got you fam.

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    Sweet, gonna give this a go. The mere fact Omni and Dank are together on something means it has to be legit

  • Omg you guys are still alive?

  • We are reborn, come on over we need more food.

  • Cant believe u guys are still addicted to this game.

  • edited December 2019

    The gameplay is still very addictive and the faster ticks make it a little more entertaining. It's harder to stay in the lead if you are afk.

  • Hope everyone is having fun!

  • I’m gonna post this comment right here.

  • And this comment should fit right here pretty nicely.

  • Hey guys, will check out SKlone

  • Imagine SK being a thing in 2020 and owned by dank... I'm impressed

  • edited June 10

    Nobody knows what he intends to do with this game and we did not want to lose the game play. We've been here too long to watch him toss it in the trash can. BCartfall we love you man but you act like Vanilla Ice when someone brings up Ice Ice Baby when someone tries to talk with you about SK. Nobody knows why!

    All we desire is to play the game without all of the multis and bots. I campaigned many times for such an opportunity on SK to no avail. It was understandable as I've been a UA leader and bad guy for so long. Getting the opportunity to actually show people that vision has been a lot of fun. It involves far less of me than many expected. The community runs things and I don't have to do much of anything but put fires out. :smiley:

    p.s. BCartfall... GoodHockey, people still want it.

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