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ha! fu bad admins and killers of sk! :-)

i play this now!

fuck you bot makers, bcart, etc. for fucking up a great game with thousands of players...and basically fucking off an excellent opportunity.

ps = i can't play your game anyway, i got randomly deleted from doing that shit.


  • edited January 2019

    Why would he give a fuck? He has done everything short of bending you over himself and taking what he wants and you just keep coming back for more. The question really is: what would it take to get you to finally quit playing SK?

  • I don't think I have ever met anyone weirder or as fucking stupid as you in my entire life

  • ahahahahaha! right! :-)

  • as far as SK players go he’s pretty normal, imo.

  • crash the goat. he's pegged me as the dumbest fuck in the whole universe...must be right. i mean, i'm special ed and register on 1 iq. i mean if he's wrong, what's that mean?

  • he's a loud mouth faggot whose power resides in a keyboard and the brand of KY he strokes himself with? the dumbest in the whole wide worldsssssss.

  • yep, how’s it going, Jeff?

  • Good man. It's good to hear from you. Hope all is going well.

  • The only one that pegged you veii is bcart.

  • why can't we all just be nice to each other...nah, we gotta come with anal jokes and ass fucking comments...

  • it’s all good here, good to see you again too. how’s bert doing nowadays?

  • He isn't :( That's life as a dog owner.

    Lots of changes. I have a couple kids and a family etc. We also had two dogs for the longest time.

  • ahh, sorry to hear that, i have a dog myself now, he’s nearly 6.... been a long time since we talked. how old are the kids?

  • My daughter is 4 and my son is 2. They grow fast! What type of dog do you have?

  • Sorry to hear about Bert, Jeff! Though I do find it a little funny that FH thinks a dog who was getting on a bit about 10 years ago is still kicking about.

  • I check this website every few months or so, when I am feeling bored just to see if it's still there. Each time I am mildly surprised it is, however when I read the forum I'm not in the least surprised that the same names are complaining about the same things each time I visit. Some things just don't change.

  • sup eddy, also long time no see. well, I didn’t know how old he was back then, so I thought he might still be around. I have a black lab, nothing too exciting, he’s called Erik.

  • edited January 2019

    Hey Eddy! Sometimes there is retarded and then there is Veii. Him and hazza will be rank 1 and 2 as best players some day because they will be the only ones left.

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