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Voting Results

The results of the vote are as follows.

Drankof Plan 8 Votes.
Darius Plan 7 Votes.

So we will be proceeding with the Drankof punishment. Starting next tick 12PM SK time the following kingdoms will not be permitted to hit any bots for the amount of time stated.

Fuck You Very Much (1:1) 72 Hours
pizdabolas (1:1) 48 Hours
Eagle (1:7) 24 Hours
Light (1:8) 24 Hours
Chabza (1:17) 24 Hours

Any one of these kingdoms that proceeds to violate the punishment will be killed without any further discussion.

Bots are free to grab for all other kingdoms.


  • Oh how weird, suddenly its dead even just like before when it was 9-9, without a magic 6 votes coming out nowhere

    Would also like to mention that myself, Riley, and Barry abstained, and the 5 kds who have hit bots early were allowed to vote on their own behalf.

    Thats what I fuckin thought Sped, next time you want to talk shit to me about integrity, I suggest you remember you're eternally on the piece of shit side

  • edited November 2018

    Yeah well. Letting the crims vote on their on punishment? OMGZ :tongue: :astonished:
    You guys should have voted...

  • edited November 2018

    After the amount of time for them to flourish before penalties, it should have been NO hits anywhere... not just bots.
    Anyway... I guess it's these things we need to sort for further rounds. Gotta expect a couple of teething rounds at least.

  • lucky eveyone dint vote fail lol

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