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So I hit jester 3x as he's a 6k goon break for 2700 land, with 50% MA so pretty much Freeland right...?

In response get these messages,

I couldn't resist some minor trolling in response.


  • Fuck you're stupid. He got botted, and you just go and take advantage? Can't wait for you to get steamrolled before round end.

  • Lmao Hazza I have to applaud you for such a quality commitment to trolling or being one of the more unintentionally funny morons in the world

  • wait, I get told to take risks, make grabs.. so when I do I'm wrong to do so?

  • its truly amazing, I honestly cant tell, well done hazza

    I think hes actually genuinely stupid but still slightly smart enough to exaggerate it a bit

  • He's a kt, and quite a few people are hitting too.

  • This brightened my day

  • So Hazza is still retarded..

  • You did the right thing Hazza. You showed Jester who the man is. proper.

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