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Decided to try it.

So i have decided to retry and play this round again.


  • Thanks for the motivation hazza

  • These rounds are far too long now

  • 1 month unofficial resets are built into my plan for next round, I think that will help big time

  • No. The 2 month is fine.

  • Can you explain why you feel that way?

  • California dreeaamminn

  • As my style usually doesn't kick in till mid-late round. If allowed to grow.

  • Is that cause all the decent players die early hazza??? Lol

  • ^^ Lol my thoughts exactly. It's much easier to move up in ranks during mid to late round due to all the good players being dead at that point.

  • Maybe we should set the round timer to end as soon as hazza's KD is stabilized in the top 10, because then we'll know for certain almost nobody decent is left alive

  • Who cares about rank? I mean my nw growth.

    I prefer few, for the population. I'm thinking of experimenting, using tf with low SMS higher resi, low tanks, all goons/LDS.

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    With such a small playerbase and no alliances. What other incentive would someone have to play other then to compete for rank 1 or at the very least improve? The days of universal wars and fighting for your alliance are long gone.

    That's why I personally don't play unless I can devote the necessary attention to my kingdom to compete at the highest level. If I had to log on to a mediocre kingdom every round that's constantly getting grabbed, my drive to play would diminish very quickly.

    I understand that everyone can't be rank 1, but to say who cares about rank in general baffles me.

    That's my opinion atleast. Also I've seen you play Hazza and your unit preference has nothing to do with your ability. You simply lack the basic fundamentals of building a good kingdom.

  • Cor be arsed with the raze pps at start to get a few extra SMS. Only to have to rebuild them 2 days later.

    Please, what is the single biggest mistake I'm making then. And don't say I need to grab more, and take risks, as too many have others who gangraped hits on their friends.

    I grab inactives, and suicides mostly. And if they are stated as safe hits the food bots.

  • Research, I tend to get in tbis order

    Fusion, energy core, then goons, LDS, fighters, probe armour, TFS, finally longevity. While keeping the top 4 as high as possible.

    The FDC and RWCE are luxury research.

    Buildings, I started to try TCs, but find with low NW military the saving ain't worth the 10% land.

    What I struggle with is having enough population to get the soldiers training to make into military.

  • edited September 2018

    Off the top of my head. Without going into to much detail.

    Learning how to properly track inactives and tick hit.
    Being more aware of your surroundings.
    Utilizing wl's/research/return times for maximum growth.
    Knowing when to build offense or defense based on the kingdoms around you. (Which ties into being more aware of your surroundings).
    Using all Pa's available to you/Finding max robs.

  • I work, and play this as a distraction so cannot use max pas. Also most actives get pissed about being robbed a lot which causes them to target me more.

    Main issue I have is, no UA backing me.

  • edited September 2018

    Hahah hazza rwce is a luxury? It's a must the faster your wls get back, more hits, more land.

  • I'd rather keep top 4 maxed.

  • dont bother explaining it rob, hazza has been told all this before

  • And I tried the advice, several times. But I just wing stuff on here most of the time. Just log in, do military, think oh 900 LDS, and 200 goons will do. When I might have been better to do 450 goons, and 650 LDS.

  • Hazza let me explain something to you in the simplest way I can.

    You think this game is like driving a car on a straight road, which anyone can do, for 2 months straight. If that were the case, it would be a pure math game and everyone would just floor it the entire time.

    This game does not work that way. You have to be paying attention 24/7 because the road twists and turns, and sometimes there are completely unavoidable obstacles unless you hit the brakes on your own growth just to avoid them. You can also be hit by a meteor unprovoked at any time.

    You have no chance, as an idiot driving in a straight line into rocks and trees, versus people who pay attention to the course and stay on the road, thats it

  • Ah, here I was driving backwards, with an eyepatch covering one eye.

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