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  • Your not capable of running a slug over Greg ya bellend

  • I think itll be funnier to just weaken him a bit, not even alot, just enough

    that way he'll keep playing and struggle to keep up before taking a fat darius cock

  • how do people not understand tick hitting yet

  • Darius
    I have the biggest penis on sk by a mile
    It's a 12 incher
    It's a bit like a babies arm what's about 1 year old .

  • edited April 2018

    honestly I unironically wouldnt be jealous even if you did, I dont need anything more than I've got as I usually smash smaller girls, who love to alternate between hardcore complaining and worshiping the size

  • I just find this curious that one player would be hit every hour by several different KDs and then another KD would be hit every hour by several different KDs. Im sure they might be decent targets but it is very irregular for the same KDs to get hit over and over by unrelated KDs. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing anything like this in their sectors.

    April 21, 01:15:48  Our kingdom x (1:xx) bravely defended against Dynablaster (1:6) and lost 56 planets.
    April 21, 02:32:00  Our kingdom x (1:xx) bravely defended against Terra Noob (1:11) and was victorious.
    April 21, 03:22:40  Our kingdom x (1:xx) bravely defended against BuddhaBoi (1:8) and was victorious.
    April 21, 05:12:21  Our kingdom x (1:xx) bravely defended against MongoPongo (1:8) and lost 52 planets.
    April 21, 06:00:16  Our kingdom x (1:xx) bravely defended against Sugarskull (2:18) and lost 44 planets.
    April 21, 07:41:44  Our kingdom x (1:xx) bravely defended against Terra Noob (1:11) and lost 38 planets.
    April 21, 11:20:28  Our kingdom y (1:yy) bravely defended against SlaughterToPrevail (1:9) and lost 104 planets.
    April 21, 12:33:05  Our kingdom y (1:yy) bravely defended against OdinsBeard (1:10) and lost 94 planets.
    April 21, 13:47:25  Our kingdom y (1:yy) bravely defended against Sketches of Spain (1:16) and lost 85 planets.
  • none of those times are even close? sorry i don't see anything there that links anything. game is small good targets are hard to find

  • Looks like kingdom x and y have sh*t defense

  • Ive seen their defenses and I have seen the def of targets I have been hitting and there has been much better land around.

    I specifically pointed out that they are being hit about 1x per hour. I know its a small uni but it is still curious that the same KDs gettting hit over and over when I know for a fact there are worse def for the land out there.

    It looks like multi accounts just attacking when WLs available without having to get new SoMs. Just an observation and as I said, Im just wondering if anyone else is seeing anything like this with these same KDs

  • @Pandask there are not many players. I am sure the active players would love to deal with killererer.

  • Hahaha @ Viva... Says the cheating POS that isn't above me in scores... Killerer is probably you, wouldn't be the first time u farmed your ass off

  • Lolz @ drank's tick hitters being farmers.
    Man... I thought I was dumb.

  • Mihobu
    @Pandask there are not many players. I am sure the active players would love to deal with killererer.


  • Greg you had multiple accounts last round
    We killed one and you ended up with another
    Please don't lie you fanny

  • No Viva you "assumed" shit and I can honestly say I've never made more than one kd at a time. Your opinion means nothing to me... You've been busted numerous times farming and cheating. I personally don't make more than one kd for two simple reasons. One, I truly don't give a flying fuck and I'm way to busy and lazy to build numerous shit bag farms

  • Killerererererer whatever is well within the reach of current playerbase and i believe its quite warmly welcomed land :)

  • god i dont know what is worse, darius' ego and viva's iq

  • gotta bring the bantz my nigga

  • Was checking s2 yesterday and immidiatly deleted my account.

    75% off the active players in s2 has the same IP

  • Bit like s1

  • See same shit is going on round here... Never changes. Have fun fuckers, shout out to all my buds!!!

  • Fucking tank. Bet ye wish you were a truck

    Also business as usual. Robtomo get em'

  • edited July 2018

    What a round. To start it off someone decides to DDOS the server right as everyone is getting ready to leave newbie mode. Which made it nearly impossible to log in.

    Once the server finally comes up some random DW multi suicides on me, which set me back 71 land. Then today I climb to a 150 land and 40k net worth lead on rank 2 and I'm suicided on by 10 multis.

    Someone really didn't like that my kingdom was bigger then theirs, but isn't that how it always goes.

    First round I actually played in a long time too.

  • There is always someone doing something to ruin the round. Too bad it ends up being a waste of time when all is said and done.

  • No Arson wish I was a kid playing this again instead of an old man with 5 kids n 4 grandkids LMBO

  • Glad I didn't play. After the shit era and being manual multied by someone.

  • Peace.

    See you in a year.

  • It really does suck people go out of their way to ruin your round Rob but you have to understand by now a server wide wipe isn't going to improve that situation. Now rather than having 1 vengeful person after you, you'll have 20.

    You were doing a great job of policing the server for 3-4 rounds then suddenly last round you seemed to take a side and kill people at random or because someone asked you to. That's a pretty good reason to try and fuck you over.

    Second, you can't expect to tag your KD with your name and not be instantly killed if someone was looking for you. The only logical explanation I can think of for you to tag up is to deter anyone from hitting you because you own the bots. If that is the case, it's a desperate attempt to be left alone. You're good enough (and probably resourceful enough) not to have to tag up and should be able to mask your IP so no one can track you and still be a top KD.

    At the very least find someones KD to play so you can keep playing the round, rather than ruin it for the 99% who did nothing to you.

  • round bonus is shite and nobody good playing now, just enjoy a few months off champs

  • Lol I'm so glad we took a Rd off from the bullshit drama.. Funny tho last Rd certain ppl were so adamant that it was our group that multies ppl yet here you are with one of the worst multi rds and you don't have your scapegoats in TR... Haha and a big fuck you to the salty ass bitches who think they know it all and accuse players who out build them...

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