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Big Multi round 85

Ankhmorpork (1:1)
Hamster (1:3) and Agro (1:3)
Longdrop (1:5)
Reddwarf (1:6) and Diamonds (1:6)
Fappo (1:7)
SPQR (1:13)
Potatoes (1:16)
Slappy (1:20)

they all have one or more of these IP's


  • another one:
    fatpizza (1:14)

  • Laserqueen 1:11
    Jimbob 1:17
    Poobob 1:4

    Were all 905 ip

    edited April 2018

    What was the listing order again rob? I forgot :(

    I can compile a list, but these type of "group of friends" need to removed from the game.

  • Rob's got it under control :)

  • Yeah thanks for sacrificing the chance at a real life to be here year after year to strictly help us out and make sk playable

  • Honestly do you have a learning disorder or are you just naive when it comes to computer software? For some reason you have it in your mind that I'm sitting here all day logging into hundreds of kingdoms one by one. When in reality I double click my bot software to launch it and update every kingdom in 30 seconds with the click of one button. I spend less time updating every kingdom then it takes you to login to your one account.


  • edited April 2018

    Hell if I wanted to I could set it up to update the kingdoms and I wouldn't even have to be at the computer. I choose to update manually to make any on the fly adjustments.

  • This is the list format I need for the multis if you want me to kill them.

    Kingdom Name:Position in sector 1-20:Galaxy:Sector

    Then a comma after the sector and then a space.

    So for example.

    Weedbot:5:1:11, Is:4:1:19, Slow:12:2:2 and so on.

  • You can even abbreviate the kingdom name like this because it doesn't really matter.

    a:5:1:11, a:4:1:19, a:12:2:2

    Just use any random letter. Make sure the rest is correct tho.

  • Also add this fgt to the list. YourAss (2:2)

  • I have much better things to do with my time, I am slightly sad you have to spend your life here,judging by the fact that you are here to respond within ten minutes even after ten years
    Your account has begun the 24 hour deletion process. If you login during this time your account will not be deleted.

  • You were always a dirtbag cheater with 10+ accounts disbanding all round just to barely make top 100. I come here to have my one of picked off by some little twerp? No thx. Enjoy your life here

  • I'm active now because it's the start of a new round. Once the round gets going I update the kingdoms once or twice a day. Usually just to explore and build buildings. It's sad that you felt the need to open your mouth and be a cunt. Otherwise you would of been left alone to do as you wish like the rest of the player base.

  • You accidentally kill me almost every round anyways, your a fucking delusional rat that definitely helped make sk what it is today

  • I agree that I had a roll in making SK what it is today, but so have a shit ton of other people in the community. Regardless that doesn't take away from the fact that as of more recently I've been using the bot to help out rather then ruin the game.

    You've always been a loud mouth raging cuck. That makes half ass'd shitty kingdoms.

  • Ankhmorpork:9:1:1

  • alot of uss do appreciate u helping with sl giving targets and killing ass holes

  • eh rob is fine these days, honestly hes helping keep the game alive to a certain extent at this point

    glory days of sk are long over, for my social life and sleep schedule I am glad for it, just enjoy the game for the quick laugh that it is :)

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