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Activation codes

New players often come onto chat and say that they haven't received their activation code . Ergo no new players . Is this what you want ? If not please fix the problem.


  • Or making new multis

  • How do they get into the chat if they can't get an activation code?

  • Jammy making more bots and using them as an excuse to kill ppl? 0_o

    Miltu said he couldn't get his code for real tho

  • you can see the chat without code.

  • I have confirmed that activation codes are working. However, for gmail, they are being put into the Spam folder.

  • Bcart, while youre here, could you fix avatars and sector banners :)

  • @bcartfall welcome back :P

  • Jesus jam.. even the cart logs in to tell you your wrong

  • It's not me that stated there was a problem . My 2 bsgs are over 10 years old. But several people have come on chat saying there was a problem last round. So I e-mailed it onto B Cart. There is however a problem with the 4 man groups and linking payment to PayPal (or so I am told again).

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