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Vandals in 1:13 Lego in 1:2

Vandals (1:13)
Last Login:

IPvSK2: 773-82-80-79 - February 26, 11:08:02

Lego Land 1:2
Last Login:

IPvSK2: 889-99-43-EA - February 26, 11:09:17

Tisk tisk you cheating pussy


  • Really Greg? :)

  • Mad as a box of frogs Gregory.

    They kill vandals because they think it's me I suspect

  • We don't kill anyone. Bragging messaged us about killing Vandals. I just wanted vandals to post lol. Viva I assume you always have five kids that's nothing new tbh but no I don't care, I was fishing to see who's who.

    I imagine you guys targeted Cow bc you think he's one of us lol. But everyone of us (all five of us) we're tagged up lol

  • You try to kill vandals for no reason and try to blame others for youre attacks
    Don't bury you're head in the sand Gregory

    Don't waste your time messaging me

  • Man I love this game, I always did, especially you 2 lovers always having fun <3

  • I never messaged you fool. As far as everyone goes I left every body alone, I only hit your shitbag DW after vicious showed me messages of you talking trash to him claiming he was "TR" lol

  • God Damnit

  • Viva you've been messaging me the last few days... And bragging (you I'm assuming) messaged Ron about Vandals plotting against us and offered to help kill him . We then started fails etc with no help from you and then RO decides to Target Mad Cow... Madcow isn't TR btw I know you messaged earlier asking figured I'd answer now...

    All I gotta say is well played... But you're getting smashed now

  • Doesn’t matter now lol Bragging going down before we leave this shit round.

  • Gotta love this .. so much passion and drama :D

  • Passion! I love you guys.

  • Inger gives me much drive... ;) ;)

  • Inger...i may have to passionately penetrate u because I miss your kds ^_^

  • haha, it's kewl, let's have fun :D

  • Viva is and always has been pure garbage. Kissing ass to survive

  • ^^ I like this guy

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