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Whats with these bots that have suddenly appeared ?


  • Civic got hit by Chain so he made bots to kill everyone again...

  • THhis is why Civic is pure Garbage

  • So are they Robs or Civics?

    And which kd did Chain hit?

  • They're Rob's .. and it was some garbage kd in 1:19 2k land

  • Not like him to have the one.

  • Civic was WhoopeE 1:19. Chain hit him so GarbageBoy made his bots again. We let Rob know so Rob made his bots. GarbageBoy knows he doesn’t stand a chance against Rob so he either deleted or died from pop loss because we all know he can’t build a KD to save his life. Probably won’t even use his bot now lol

  • Was WhoopE actually Civic?
    I didn't know that

  • Guess the bots are in again :neutral:
    Is it you rob, or will it be as round 83 again?

  • No point playing with bots around .
    It's just silly

  • ^^ what's the difference when you have a bunch of shit bag DWs n terras that go probe farm to mop up your KTs / ppl better than you

  • ^^ Greg is bot owner

  • Nothing has changed... the cheats still cant build a one-tower sand castle, then blame others for for it

    Viva la Redirection !!

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