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So bots killing anyone not just the cheats now then

I just got bottled... Was Ahsoka Tanos Love.



  • Pretty much.

  • Me too yesterday i was TheFred

  • Civic knows his time is up for him and his buddies with Rob back so he is killing everyone. Hate to say it but when he was killing our group earlier we warned everyone this would happen. Instead the Uni fed on our lands while he made us defensesless. Not saying everyone did but I saw some of you in my news. Just scratch this round off and either remake to watch Civic get pounded or wait until next round...

  • Not like the Uni could have done anything anyway. We do not have the strength without cheating unfortunately the bots win. Just wish I had seen it earlier so I could have at least sent my WL's his least then I would of died for a reason...but now...I will just have to settle for playing a different way. Now that I know what is happening...My kingdom will flow with blood once it has in every round I have intention to actually play and not just enjoy a simple text based game. I won't cheat so I won't win...but I will have the satisfaction of enjoying myself.

  • That’s kinda what our point was. Soon as we got TFs we were smashing Land Fiend, Carbon Fiber, etc. We knew we couldn’t kill them but we weren’t going to let them benefit from Civic knocking out our defense so everyone could farm us.

  • yep, I was purpose built to roll anyone I thought was associated with civic and I did so.

  • Hate to beat a dead horse... But it was about putting up a fight like the others said.. now you guys can wait for the next round like us :P

  • I just grabbed the free land bots in my sector.

  • Oh dear civic had messed up

    At around 21.00 sk he went into vacation mode not thinking that he can only be in vecation mode for two weeks be fire his account his deleted ( round ends 18th )

    2 weeks from today rob needs to make sure he's online

    Civics plan is obviously ..

    Kill everyone else on the leader board so hid kingdoms are in the top ranks while in vacation .

    It doesn't bother me much what he does but what's his motive ?
    Pointless if you ask me

    This fella makes rob tomo look like the queen

  • We gonna get him don't you worry about that.

  • It seems like my name is getting hotter. What is happening now? Everybody get killed?

    @Robtomo did you killed Carbon yet? Do you need my help? I can just change take back the bot access and help you down him.

  • You've put carbon into vacation
    But you haven't got the brains to know that you can only be in vacation for 2 weeks and the round actually ends in 4 weeks .

    You can only go on extended vacation 9n premium accounts

    Your plan to get rank I in vacation won't work

    Lone ranger and the rank 1 need killing also Rob.

    Both are him

  • @Viva of coz i know vacation is for 2 weeks. But carbon is not own by me. What else can i do? Whoever top 1 is non of my business. I am looking forward to fight with rob’s bot next round. Anyway, see you guys next round and have fun to war with Carbon.

  • Plan to get rank 1 will work, he has two weeks to kill a bunch of newbie kingdoms with the mystical bots.. lots of time

  • Unless Rob wants to spend the next two weeks timing and recreating bots.. maybe stop mistreating people so bad and this won't happen in the future?

  • So...wait...I do not get it. You are defending his actions...even though several of us never hit any of his KD's, and only I only hit his bots last round to try and recover our sector sent he took it over...spent all our money on sector weapons and then refused to give it back or let us have enhancements for the end round. No he gets no sympathy from me. I might have cared about him getting slammed on by others if he had only gotten revenge for it or had asked the uni for help. This is not revenge this is not retribution. This is a toddler screaming and wailing destroying anything around it. I now frankly do not give a damn if others did mistreat him. He lost that sympathy. Even if he gave the bot away to some idiot friend of his...which I doubt. He is still at fault as he should of taken it down the instant it was no longer being used in the manner he supposedly was using it for.

  • I won’t lose sleep.

  • Wtf are you talking about shitforce I’ll just make the kingdoms 96 hours before his 2 weeks are up.

  • Civic is a cancer , maybe if he has the balls he will inbox me his personal details and identity .

    Doubt he's from Europe

  • Hey Rob can you give SL to someone in 1:7 with your bots so that rice burner does not have control of anything and we aren't without an SL

  • Malaysian Rob confirmed that apparently

  • Wow, for the second time 186 new news and went from 190k pop too 4k pop, but still alive and in vac mode :smile:

  • I came out of delation and hit land friend twice
    He killed me not long after

  • Thought were going into vacation mode.

    Games not worth playing, may not bother...

  • Yeah it's useless, but thought let's see if I can make it.
    I was in your sector hazza, too bad it ends like this

  • He's done us a favour
    Do you honestly want to play sk during Christmas

    I personally would much rather spend time with my family and go out on the booze with my mates without having to log into the game .

    I am not just just saying this but I am relieved

  • @Viva i agree with you. That’s why i quit before Christmas and declare all bots are free to hit. It is very tiring to kill TJ, RiCo and some tards for the first month. I will keep on going to hunt them down every round until they quit. They quit = i quit.

  • Yet you're posting on the pf's at the same time your bots are killing mine and switching SL to Carbon and Luvgal. How gullible do you think we are? If you were next to me right now I'd smack you so hard rice would fall out your ass.

  • @Robtomo if you were next to me right now. You will know that i have zero control on the bots. I have let go the bot access to new owner few weeks ago. I have been repeating the same reply for weeks. You should smack carbon but not me. I have told you guys i don’t have any main kd for this round but no one trust me.

  • I'm sure you still have access to them, which means you could delete them. But you don't, so it's still on you GB.

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