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State of the Game

Hello, some of you may recognize me, some may not. I am interested in seeking the current probably sad state of the game and is it worth playing?



  • nope, sorry nim would be rad to play with you again but xMYx has gone full retard and actually ruined SK for what is likely the last time

  • Psy says it best Rook. I think 30 plus ppl got botted by that douche bag

  • how long has this one been around?

  • Did the galaxies ablaze admin disappear? Looks like they haven't been around since 2014?

  • Not sure. Havent signed up there haha

  • I think he's only killing the rubbish players who are just a waste of oxygen

  • You must've been the first one dead then?

  • It isn't xmyx just because they might be from Malaysia. I know xMYx, I used to call the shots there before I just played with a few of them and (Darius and Riley) They don't do bots.

  • Barricade....youre civic aren't you!!....admit it!!....oh you cut me deep old friend !!

  • Here's Viva sucking bot dick again... Keep deep throating that dick so u can actually finish decently... Hahaha fucking chump

  • Don’t hate me. I am a good person. Please don’t say @Viva sucking bot dick. That is not good. My bots won’t appear if you guys don’t provoke me last round. Well thanks for those who raped my Civic Turbo last round. Without you all my bots wont be so successful today eventhough it sucks like garbage but it still manage to kill most of you guys who raped me. For those who i killed and you ain’t one of them, i apologize. I hope you forgive me.

  • You were just a giant pain in the ass. You didn't just affect those guys you ruined everyone's game. You still hit who you want and there is no recourse. Because we would have to cheat just as much to do anything about you. So take your self pity elsewhere. You even kill anyone that grabs you now...which is part of the game...if you get grabbed move on. Build better. So even if you were open and we could prove it you would likely bot anyone that attacked your main KD. I pretty much think you are a lying sack of shit and just enjoy infuriating people because you know no one cares enough to do anything about it.

  • @GenReaver did i killed you this round?

  • Chef you retard what are you talking about you bell

    I said he's only killing the shit players and farms so it doesn't matter

    He's killed you and psy ya both rubbish players
    Not even top 50 with a player Base of 60

    Hazza is better than you

  • Good one, too bad you can't even troll properly seeing as I just hit top 5 when the fag killed me. Not one of you piece of shit turtles was safe and that why I died. Hahaha unlike you I build proper DWs

  • edited December 2017

    never said you did if you had killed me this would be even worse of a bot owner as I did nothing to you last round or any round for that matter other than try to regain control of the sector so we could actually use the money we had been collecting all round for ourselves and not your little pity party...but its whatever, you will do what you want and nothing we do will matter because we cannot stop you. If you had killed me this round I wouldn't be logging in.

  • I'm pretty sure i didnt rape you last round or even talk to you so why did i have to die? I'm innocent of all charges. except for being sexy.

  • @Hikaru stfu cunt. Viva sucks your mini dick all day to save his precious lil kd.. and youre a fucking chump bitch. Every line you write proves my point... you're ignorant, a liar, a crybaby cunt, a fucking weasel with a shitty lil bot! goodjob on being a fucking pathetic cunt

  • was ranked 3rd with easily the most offence in the game when he killed me, keep spewing feces Viva seems you enjoy the taste.

  • Hahaha Viva acting like he can do anything legit is comical as fuck.

  • @CamNewton
    No idea. I just signed up recently myself. So far only sign of life i have seen was some dude robbed me.

  • That may have been me that robbed you, I'm basically just going around and robbing everyone. there's basically nothing else to do.

  • Your probes have successfully robbed their banks. They came back with 2,412 platinum

  • @Wobbajobblar true :) need some more people to jump.ship

  • @Wobbajobblar im excited. I just discovered how to check racks capacity in galaxies ablaze

  • edited December 2017

    The state of the game is that it's finished. You can't even upload an avatar. Every sector is filled with bots, and it's obvious. The forum looks like the movie Grease. It's totally screwed, there is nothing to see here. If it were not for the history of the game nobody would ever come here.

  • Dank, we had no avatars before. they returned next round.

  • Things come and go but overall the game was a hell of a lot better in the past. Now when I come here the first thing I get is a warning that the website is phishing for information. I get past that and it's a train wreck of asking me to do rewards on some stupid website. Beyond that everything looks ancient, half assed, and abandoned. As soon as your eyes focus in on the sectors it's obvious that programmers are in control and not to even bother trying. You try to set your avatar and even that flakes out. I don't even know if you can do a sector banner but I'd be shocked if you could. It's trash and that's not even debatable.

    I'd love to play and I still come here hoping one day it will be viable but it's not. I have no clue why anyone would sign up here. It's such a waste that this has happened. There were so many talented programmers, artists, organizers, marketers, and so on. We were all here ready to help at a moments notice and it was all ignored. This is what we get. It's amazing really.

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