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Destiny 2 fire team on PC

edited November 2017 in General
sup guys, Just thought id stop by and say hi, also, see if any of you guys play D2 and want to join up for some raids. LMK.

Jesterawx1164 on Bnet, HMU


  • I'll add you later Clay, this is Psy btw.
  • nice!
    we also have a discord channel if you have that, it would be good too.
  • What do you think you're part of Seal Team Six?
  • can i be in discord with my friends?
  • There cross platform shit with ps4?

  • I don't think so, PC is on its own for D2 and from what I've read there's less than 5k players for trials during the weekend. Last report I saw for console trials was less than 20k players a weekend, vs the 700k players of the first couple weekends of trials. Bungie REALLY shit this bed with this one

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