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edited September 2017 in General

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  • Why post this Hazza? I get you're stupid but don't be a dick.

    Last I checked, people owning 6+ accounts were more of a threat than one AT DW.
  • Being AT isnt cheating. Man up and take a swing fag. I dare you
  • Knowing you Hazza your KD probably CAN be broken by that.

    Your fault, not his.
  • I take it that it's your kingdom sped?
  • edited September 2017
    No. Will multies now suddenly rain down on him because you think it's me?

    I would assume it belongs to the person who said "Take a swing. I dare you".
  • Not mine. Just hate when weaklings try to get other players to do their dirty work.
  • If I knew which KD was Hazza id hit him just for making this thread.
  • so its ok for others to do it....?

  • If its a cheater its fine. ATs always been handled in game. Posting a person's sox in pfs is a super dick move unless he is cheating. You would have even been fine to send it around to top kds in the universe. You probably just ruined his round.
  • Hazza is a legend really . He's a good guy
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