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convert website into app.

edited June 2017 in General
I have made a basic WordPress website with an online shop for work. Now my boss wants it in an app so the customers can download it to their mobile.

I know someone created an app for SK using a website wrapper, what website was this done on, and is it free?


  • edited June 2017
    There are many plugins for Wordpress that will convert the site to mobile once it is detected. Some are free and some are paid. I don't think that any of the costs are very high.

    As for creating an actual app that they can download on their phone it should be the same thing. I believe there are already plugins that do this and that they shouldn't be very expensive. At least not to your boss.

    You should have a lot of flexibility here, don't sell yourself short if you do this for him. If this is a side project you could seriously inflate the price for setting that up.
  • Her... my boss is a woman lol..

    Yeah the site renders pretty good on mobile, the theme is a mobile friendly one. (Storefront by WooCommerce...)
  • Actually, just thinking, if I drop a link to the site on here would that count with Google as a "link back" and help the Google site rank score thing?
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