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Clash Of Clans

edited April 2017 in General
Anyone play? If so post your gam3 ID#


  • i play battle glory, its much better
  • Is it like CoC? I might DL and check it out.
  • it is basically a reskin. the main difference is that it has a lot of different game modes. last i checked CoC just had clan battles, BG has alliance wars, alliance battles, city invasion, and city battles (which is basically just a clan battle) and you can do all of those things if you are in an active alliance, plus there are individual events you can do. all of these award gems.

    the servers are a bit shit, but the gameplay is much better IMO.
  • I just play U-craft, it's pretty new. Kinda like Galactic Empires if you know of that game.
  • I've tried countless of these games...
  • Diablo 2 my favorite computer game of all time.
  • might play d3 later lol.
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