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That time of the year again!

edited February 2017 in General
where I come to the grounds where I spent years of my life starting at numbers and not understanding a game before I got absorbed into a political side much more in depth than anyone could have ever fathomed.

for those that considered me a friend. how you doing? sincerely I would like to know. I have 3 kids now. a 3 year old rambunctious boy and twin 9 month old daughters. both revealing and discovering their personalities by the minute. I work in a prison as a correctional officer (political skills help because negotiating with an inmate for him to follow my directives wasn't easy lol). struggle daily with bills and responsibilities I never had when I started playing this game from my dial up connection at home.

for everyone else. introduce yourself. I always enjoy learning about people and discussing things your passionate about. even if you're just needing help diagnosing an issue with your car. I don't mind. well. .. I look forward to your replies!


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