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Sector Leader and Vacation Mode

edited November 2016 in Bugs and Exploits
Currently in my sector there are 3 people in vacation mode. Two of them are voting for an inactive for SL out of spite because no one would vote for them to be SL. After voting for the inactive, who is in vacation mode, they themselves went into vacation mode. I feel like this is an exploit for the SL function and the vacation mode. If someone goes on vacation mode their SL vote should be nullified until their account is reactivated and taken out of vacation mode. It is detrimental to the sector that no one else can become SL and buy enhancements. Not to mention the stupid fact that you can't vote yourself for SL which would break the tie in our sector right now.


  • Good point, its dumb.

    Its dumb that the website doesn't function properly either. Can't buy a premium account because the page just doesn't load, and you can't access the game help from the in game screen. Have to log out and log into it that way.

    Best part? There isn't even a way to tell anyone about the problems, like an email or anything. GREAT HUH!?
  • those are multis, it's not out of spite
  • yeah I figured as much. Shortly after they went into vacation mode I started getting sabotaged and arsoned and attacked by a handful of kingdoms.
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