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The Labirynth Game - Sign Ups

edited June 2016 in General
You wake up inside a room. Its empty, besides a panel on a corner and there are doors on each wall. There is a mask covering your face, it makes your voice sound robotic. A gun is strapped to your left hand.

A message echoes:

"There is panel in each room of this building. Every day you will go to a panel, turn it on with your fingerprint and make two decisions. First you will choose a floor ranging from 1-8 and a coordinate ranging from 1-A to 5-E. Second you will choose a direction, North, South, East or West.
Once you finish using the panel, it will black out until the next day. Always keep in mind that you will never be able to use the same panel twice in a row, and you won't be able to use two panels in the same day. If at the end of the day you had not used a panel yet, a chip in your brain will stimulate a massive dopamine production that will kill you from excessive pleasure. Be careful, by the way, as doors stay open only at night, so dont stay under one.

Now, you are wondering what the panel does. Thats for you to find out by using it. Every panel does the same thing.
Also, noticed something different about your body? I'm sure you did. Implanting the chip had some side effects, but hopefully nobody went bloodlust crazy. What are the odds, right? But its ok, you have a gun, not sure how many bullets in them, though".


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