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Star Kingdoms - Round 72 - Era of Capitalism



  • but will also decrease the maximum population by (%ofPLANETS[Land] that are Star Mines

    The small print. %of planets that are star mines. If you're sitting at 25% SMs, it decreases your pop by 25%.

    pretty sure the 'wat' was at the way you did your math (pop f&w beeing best this round)

    Have fun with your high pop f&w :P
    Terra :P
  • So basically cart just trolled us all again?

    Increase SM output by 120, but decrease population from using SMs. Essentially, you can have 25% star mines and your pop is decreased by 25%/planets, in doing so it nearly cancels out the perk all together.

    It would appear Pop F&W is the best way to go this round to gain an edge against the 'perk'.
    Dear rohan, please tell me where this high pop fw kd will be...tyvm
  • edited October 2015
  • My population is craaaaaap. But my money long
  • My population is craaaaaap. But my money long
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