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Rap Battles

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I always like diss tracks, I find that rappers do their best stuff when they are motivated by someone talking shit about them to write a track.

I will post some famous battles and see what people's opinions are on who won. I am curious what people think, because it is not always so close.


  • I'll start off with the first and one of the most notorious battles:

    Jay-Z vs Nas

    Jay-Z - The Takeover

    Nas- Ether
  • nas crushed Jay z in the rap battle, but jay z one the war overall, becoming more popular
  • Nas of course. Post more.
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    Have you seen compliment battle Jeff? You'd appreciate it, theyre both fuckin sick and from NS.
  • edited July 2015
    Zeal I haven't. I heard he is good though, someone was telling me about him but I never heard him before. I will have to check him out.

    As far as Nas vs Jay-Z goes, I don't know, I liked the Takeover better. It is more of like a traditional diss track and overall I don't like Nas' style as much. Ether is good though- it is commonly thought to be one of his best tracks period.
  • Ok, I will post my favorite beef next.

    50 Cent + Eminem vs Ja Rule

    50 Cent - Back Down

    Eminem - Hail Mary


    Ja Rule
  • You lost me at Rap
  • Yeah I should say that there are more diss tracks to every respective one. I just pick the ones I think are best instead of giving people too much video overload.

    That being said, yeah this one wasn't close. I actually think Back down was excellent and one of the best diss tracks of all the time. 50 cent pretty much single handedly ruined Ja Rule's career.
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