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BMofo & BORG V Raw and Rest of Uni

edited June 2015 in General
I thought I would create a real thread as the same ones keep getting duplicated

Post your kills

1) Sev 1.1 ( WL )
2) Cobras 1.2 (WL / Kidnap)
3) crius 1.15 ( WL )
4) Soju 1.15 (PK)
5) WarHawk( WL)
6) Epimetheus 1.15 ( WL)


1) Darious
2) Blood soverenty


  • lol, you're claiming soju?? you ARE AMAZING.
    after he hit sev, we ALL hit him, because he freaking suicided
    you're a tard
  • Tards gonna tard bro :P
  • Defo claiming Soju u idiot

    He hated Sev yes but he still hit KTS and us on every other wl

    He had 40k plus goons and was the first breaker on airborne

    If he never hit us and broke airborne first then of course he would not have died and of course we would not claim he kill.
    He's a kill because we killed a enemy Kingdom who brokr our kingdoms and had top 5 offence in your alliance

    Those there my friend are the facts

    But thanks for your oppinion

  • Show me your kills then I will give you my oppinion on those
  • Show me your kills then I will give you my oppinion on those
    How do you and your shit group mates go RR and still float around 20th place? Hahaha
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