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Veii's Historical Record

edited June 2015 in Game Talk
Found this in an email i sent to myself.
[email protected]

to veii182
in game 9 my kingdom was HERE WE GO AGAIN, i was general
COMINWITHRAZORS. i was randomly deleted. never kept track of my
alliance because everything was so poorly managed. i finally ended up
in epic until it was broken up to throw fenris off but i don't think
that worked very well, and now i know why.

i was veii in game 10, that was kickass. did a hell of a job on
retals and even used depressland's no residences strategy.

game 11 was interesting...i took to a very high spot on the top 100 hundred list...check it
out----kingdom = PIKEMEN

game 12 i am Veii once more. got a slow start...i believe this was
due to my new strat of starting with a lot of scientists that way i
wouldn't have to build them later...i chose mystical lands and i
believe that i have finally found my planet type. that being
mountainous. next game should be interesting!

game 13 = ended up with death, and i am volcanic.
had to quit because my real life got to busy.

game 14 = finally got an activation code sent to me and i am
back!--died pretty fast.

game 16 = i am is over and gpa = 3.27--scholarship retained.
finished game 16 with these stats
---Rocafella Recors (X:8,Y:7) @ Mountainous 25,029 10,453,172 ---
spent this game with Defiant, only the little alliance like to accept

game 17 = what an awesome-boring game. my sector rocked, my kingdom
was strong, but something was lacking--just can't put my finger on it.
= volcanic is a boring planet!!!!
not to say it isn't strong, it is, just boring is all i am saying!

29 Veiis Rangers (7:22) 8,921,221

i had a pimp ass favorites were 23lebron23, apeland,
fantasy land, and wildstar.
game 18 = not active veii. school and the army have taken their toll.
game 19 = veii el rey. aiming high, and my sector leader is a fenris
fake, = mother fu.=========had to go inactive due to distance from

haven't updated this in awhile!
game5 = top 50 until top 2 kingdoms in galaxy hit at the end of the
game. guess my defense only protected me for so long. got kted after
i sent all my OFFENSE(tacs and fighters only) at the top guy in the

game6 = Casuaties--what a sorry kingdom name--deleted and became veii,
went camping and died while absent.


  • game 6b. Ashnod kicks veii and apologized with cookies. since then, cookies rule.
  • yum, cookies!

    nice game last time, ashnod! way to dominate the uni!
  • btw, how's the ranks of your kids? did they all get multed to death?
  • multied for sure. its summer. game over middle school. plus i retired from teaching.
  • well, if they return cursing, using drugs and sk slangs, its on you
  • sure, why not!
  • yum, cookies!

    nice game last time, ashnod! way to dominate the uni!
    let me dominate this round again, without even playing. LOL
  • you're not playing!?
  • edited June 2015
    can i use my name?

    or can i borrow SK Mafioso?
  • yes! of course, dear. don't mind these, barbarians... ;)
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