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Proper Final Fantasy Record Keeper Thread

edited April 2015 in General
game very nice and deserves its own thread


  • Agreed. I'm really happy I got Tifa the last day of the event. Working on Paladin Cecil now.
  • i thought the events were on a much higher level than i was...didnt even think of trying it until now
  • edited April 2015
    i'm instakilling stuff


    the event is huge
  • edited April 2015
    stacking on them mythrils until game ends, they seem like those premium coins stuff lol...

    no idea what gems are though
  • Gems afaik are purchased with real cash. But yeah being able to earn mythril is great. And yeah the events get stronger as you progress. I did the shinra one yesterday before it expired for Tifa. It made my party so strong that I'm doing the ff5 records now and one shotting everything
  • which game?
  • Phone game app. Name is in title. Final Fantasy Record keeper
  • Ohhhhh, thanks.
  • Agreed. I'm really happy I got Tifa the last day of the event. Working on Paladin Cecil now.
    me too
  • im dumping all my xp stuff into Dark Cecil
  • just blew 10k gil on upgrades....inventory was full
  • lol, found a challenge asking me to exploit holy vulnerability

    couldnt even find one to create
  • im pretty sure that is cure from the white mage. some of that free mythril is because they bugged that and had fire twice but you couldnt get it to master the lvl.

    its fixed now obviously
  • ive mastered them all so far except that one, still havent went back for it
  • Also dont forget, after you get everything done in normal mode, you do them again in elite dungeon mode
  • edited April 2015
    yeah, so far i only managed to beat the first elite map lol

    and it costs so much energy hahaha

    most of my guys are around level 12
  • my mains are mid 20s
  • got the last lvl unlocked for paladin Cecil, have to wait for tomorrow for stamina
  • Mine are 17-19. Yeah I'm about to go on a lvling spree since there's still a few days before it ends lol I dont think I can get him just yet
  • there are different cecils? lol
  • i made it to the boss and took the beat down
  • looks like we may be waiting for the next go round
  • there are different cecils? lol
    Yeah dark knight is his regular form. Paladin is the other
  • I will be slowly buying all the PC ports they have been putting out. I have 1-6 on emulator. FF7 through steam.

    On steam they have FF3,4,7,8,11,13,13-2, and of course 14

    I guess you can buy them direct from SE.
  • my game froze at a loading screen and always just goes to the loading screen and stays there even after a reboot of the phone :( will have to try a re-install and i hope it works
  • man that sux. i know every once in awhile there is some lag while my game is on auto, but other than that no problems
  • i did get some corrupt messages while downloading new areas...but it works anyway lol
  • Getting owned by that All darkness attack hitting for 1200+ damage
  • my guys are at lvl 26 now, redoing the last 2 lvls before final boss fight to see how i stack up and see if i can get them mastered. also have almost all my gear maxed out.

    seems to be going ok. about to start summit
  • edited April 2015
    i'm stuck with IV kunais lol...really need a better weapon from that realm

    gonna set a VI build and go farm daily dungeon
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