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get up, come on, and lets lynch some wolves, witches, mafiosos and lots of innocent people!


  • /in or /cohost
  • In for day 1 Mages kill
  • edited April 2015
    get up, come on, and lets lynch some wolves, witches, mafiosos and lots of innocent people!
  • In, dont kill me
  • In though I don't currently have Internet at my apartment so idk how active I'll be
  • Im in!
  • Whos hosting
  • Whos hosting
  • Before I host one I'd really like to cohost with someone. I'm sure I could handle it without, I just don't want to until I cohost
  • Rurouni Kenshin pls
  • Maze runner might actually be better to implement in game

    Gladers vs grievers
  • i'm not on auto yet? xP

  • Cats vs Dogs
  • freddy vs jason
  • ummm >> aren't farmers and hicks the same thing?
  • Counter Strike - Terrorists vs. Counter-Terrorists
  • what are counter-terrorists? lol
  • The Walking Dead theme - Names and shit could be re-worked.

    Survivors: You're an apocalypse survivor with no special nightly powers. Use your vote during the daytime to help defeat the baddies.

    The Council (Masons): You are the Leaders of the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. At night, you may discuss the events of the day with your fellow council members. You will not know if one among you is The Governor.

    Priest Gabriel (Mafia Mason): You are Priest Gabriel! You are a member of The Council, however you betray Rick. You win with the evil side. Your role is not known to the side of evil, and your fellow council members will see you as a member of The Council.

    Rick Grimes (Cop): You are Rick Grimes! Every night you may check one person to see what their role is. Shane will show up as a Survivor.

    Michonne (Tracker): You are Michonne! Every night you select a player. You will be told who that player targeted during the night. If the player targets nobody, or you are role blocked, a “no result” message will be returned.

    Carl Grimes (Watcher) You are Carl Grimes! Every night you may select one player. If any player targets your selected player, you will be told who, if anybody, targeted that player during the night. If nobody targets the player, or you are role blocked, a “no result” message will be returned.

    Daryl Dixon (One-Shot Vigilante): You are Daryl Dixon! Once during the game at night, you may select and kill one player!

    Hershel Greene (Doctor): You are Hershel Greene! Every night you may select one player, and protect them from nightly death. You will not be told whether or not your action was role blocked.

    Glenn (Deflector): You are Glenn! Every night you may select 2 players. Any action performed on the first will instead happen to the second!

    The Governor (Mafia God Father): You are The Governor! You lead the forces of Evil against Rick and the Council! If you are investigated at night, you appear to be Vanilla Town. As long as Terminal Cannibals are alive, you can survive an attempted night kill. This is a one time use ability.

    Shane (Mafia Cop): You are Shane! During the Night you may investigate one player. You will be told if they have a Green, red, blue, or orange role. If you are role blocked you will receive a “no result” message instead.

    Terminus Cannibals (Mafia Goon) : You are Terminus Cannibals! Every night you along with the Mafia team kill one person. If you are alive The Governor has a 1 time shield. (Mod note: there may more than one Terminus Cannibal in the game).

    The Walking Dead (Serial Killer): It's just a flesh wound! You are the Walking Dead. Each night you kill someone. You win when you are the last man standing!
  • meh the walking dead :/

    my bro said love triangle and i checked out

    that and zombies are so boring -yawn-
  • Mages thats cool as shit man

    Props homey
  • I have a setup in the works that I've been working on will show to a couple people to get balance suggestions for the next WW
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