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Elder Scrolls Online

edited January 2015 in General
So it's finally coming to console this June and dropping the subscription fee. I'm still not sure if I want to invest just yet so I'm curious if anyone here on PC plays it.


  • The reviews so far aren't great, but I'll be getting it for ps4 by default since my brother is an ES fanatic.
  • I know right. The reviews are so mixed and considering it will be a few years before the next elder scrolls is a placeholder.
  • I will be trying it, just not yet.
  • i will have to try this, but i agree i have heard similarly bad things about the game. Have they hinted at the next game in the series? im a die hard ES fan since Morrowind came out on xbox orig, every similar game seems to just, pale in comparison
  • The rumor today is it will be in the Argonian homeland. There were some swampy images released a month ago.
  • I played the beta, and liked it. But didn't think was worth the monthly fee. If was a one of payment like Guild Wars is I would have paid it.
  • oh fuck yeah im down for that! .. gracias Darubian, i will be looking into this later on tonight!
  • Latest I read was they are considering dropping the monthly fee once it's out for console
  • They are, but they will still have a monthly fee that offers some other stuff.
  • Free to play, probably limited bag space, capped Max level, limited gold allowed.
  • The additional membership offers give you more coin and cosmetic changes...

    Granted we've all heard that how many times?
  • It was bland at the higher lvs and the pvp was a lag fest with certain classes being just straight up OP. It was getting better when I quit it but it felt like they where 2 months behind in patching the game. I swear they patched and exploit after 3 weeks of it being found but no one was using it any more cause there was a better exploit to use that didn't get patch for another couple weeks. Have always ment to go back to try it but never have cause of the monthly fee, I play eve thats enough of a monthly fee for me.
  • i like ultima 8

    "i am the avatar"
  • Eso wasn't very good. I still play ff14 though come play daru
  • I don't really have the pc for the set up. I might be buying one soon though.
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