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R60 ALs

edited October 2014 in General
Which one of you cum guzzlers were ALs


  • *were ALs* ?

    this gonna be good.....
    ~sits down, bring a bag of popcorn~
  • Yeah! You all sucked!
  • edited October 2014
    Yeah! You all sucked!
    shhhhh wait until they respond, I want to say Rohan was one of them

    hint: Stunners round
  • You are too nice, I let them know they suck from the beginning.
  • What round is this? What were the alliances?
  • stunners, phantomz, turtles were the big ones at the end. I cant remember them at the beginning
  • I was val with nomansland in Phantomz
  • what was the first war of the round do you remember?
  • Stunners was Cobras?

    Was that the round I had Conviction... no wait that was the Pirate Alliance of Sci.

    I was AL of some alliance at some point of one of the Alliances.
  • Oh yeah, NoMansLand wasn't a good AL, at all.

    When Sci had Scallywag you were VAL and then AL of Bazinga Pie. And then after I got KTed and respawned to help you out, you let me down gravely. You have improved much since then.
  • Alliances were Disneychannel vs someone.

    KDs in question were Cocaine, Heroin, Jafar annnnd Percival McLeach, Im trying to figure out who the Alliance was that let us 4 kds shit kick them for the duration of the war
  • Archived scores for Round_60-s1: Strongest Alliances in the Universe.

    Rank Alliance Name Total Networth Average Networth
    1TuRtLeS 256,023,180 51,204,636
    2Phantomz 230,811,065 46,162,213
    3TerranEmpire 83,699,325 16,739,865
    4Stunners 14,138,17 7,069,086
    5fucktruck 121,938 121,938

    Archived scores... but I remember a shift at the end so... probably doesnt help sorry

  • Yeah, I think TerranEmpire came from the ashes of DisneyChannel. No clue what Turtles was all round.
  • I think I'm gunna make a UA. NuTzacKs...x

    Yeah, tired of the norm, gotta fight the system.
  • xBDFCx declares a UA war with you Rohan!
  • You shall assimilate or be destroyed. Dole has spoken.
  • Rohan you are x3.14x 4LYFE
  • Well x3.14x is an ally of you are spared this time Rohan.
  • Hmmm, pie, me an u can team up an whipe doles ass off the ceiling fan. Rohan has spoken :D
  • You cant act tough, weve all seen the video :D
  • edited October 2014
    Ohhhhh touche my old friend, touche lol
  • I'd dance all over you! The Dole has spoken...twice!
  • that looks familiar. i think i was the AL
  • When did DisneyChannel come in?
  • When did DisneyChannel come in?
    wikipedia says 1983
  • That was a good round... Lot of DW lolz were had.
  • That was a good round... Lot of DW lolz were had.
    @Bcartfall - This. You won't fix dw so you should force everyone to play it for a round. That would be hilarious.
  • I'm going AT next round, honestly. who's with me
  • I'm going AT next round, honestly. who's with me
    I make cookies. And more cookies.

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