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Anyone getting Diablo 3 on Xbox One?

edited August 2014 in General
Just curious


  • Nope.

    "Regarding the game itself" Needs alot of work to make it replayable. The upcoming patch is a step in the right direction, but will it be enough? :p
  • edited August 2014
    I've really not had an opportunity to sit down and get into the game. I've heard plenty of horror stories though. This however will be my first time buying it and for 60 with the expansion is hard to turn down.

    Not to mention with all my time on d2, I need, no I must see where the story takes me.
  • Additionally I traded in black flag and forza and only paid 8 for it.
  • i got D3 on PC (without ROS) and i enjoyed that (got it for free with annual WoW pass back in the days)
  • Does anyone even still play it on pc
  • Does anyone even still play it on pc
    My bot does quite frequently.
  • question still stands
  • I play about an hour a year
  • Couple of my buddies play. I don't.
  • Does anyone even still play it on pc
    I prefer PC games over console games, I actually got Diablo 3 for free because I used to play world of warcrack.
  • Just curious
    Decent graphics... If your thinking it's in any way comparable to d2 your gonna be very disappointed. .. it's a good game but like Val said it's a one n done
  • My only experience is when I'm at a buddies house. I was very surprised at some of the changes but I'm on with it. Many people don't recall but when d2 dropped it didn't really gain traction until the release of lod.

    Either way, it's the story that had captured me from the original. It will be nice to continue.
  • I preferred D2 pre expac personally. Paladins should not teleport.
  • I haven't played it atleast a month or more. What's the new patch?
  • question still stands
    sometimes. i got up to about 250 paragon, but then i started playing wow again, so ehh.
  • I liked it a lot on the 360, I think I just started Hell then kind of lost interest. Could see myself going back one day (probably not).
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